Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!!111!!eleventy!!111!!


February 3 is Blogroll Amnesty Day, a day that will live in infamy, but that has been converted into a kick-ass celebration! (Thanks to the Skipmeister for the image!) On B.A.D. we celebrate smaller bloggers by (1) linking to five smaller blogs we appreciate in this post, (2) reiterating our liberal blogrolling policy–you blogroll me and I’ll blogroll you, and (3) getting totally fucking hammered on Jameson!!! Just send me an e-mail that you’ve blogrolled me and you’d like me to blogroll you, and we’re fucking golden. w00t!!11!!

Here are five blogs that kick total fucking ass!!!! Go check them out:

Traumatized by Truth

Renegade Evolution

The Barefoot Bum

My Fair Scientist

Behind the Stick

Screaming Lemur

(OK. That was six. So fucking sue me!)


  1. says

    Hey man, I just want to say thanks for listing me as Abel Pharmboy instead of Terra Sigillata. The Ts always get ignored down the bottom of all lists and half of the people have no idea what the hell it even means. I am honored to be at the top of your motherfucking blogroll.

  2. says

    You’ve been on my blogroll since the beginning Comrade…though I am conspicuously absent from yours ;)

    Excellent choices…plus some I was not aware of and I will definitely check out. Thanks!

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    Again my heartfelt thanks, Prof, not just for including me in this list of smaller bloggers, but for talking me into doing this stuff in the first place. This is the most fun I’ve had since… well, let’s just leave it at “since”! You really are the best, man, and I’m proud to call you a friend. That said, enjoy B.A.D., you bad ass, your next TWO Jameson’s are on me!

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    The support you give us smaller bloggers is always appreciated. You definitely make me laugh. Like Ambivalent Academic, I’m missing from your blogroll! I’m thinking its because I didn’t know what Jameson was until you blogged about…

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    Just realized that your ‘liberal’ blogroll policy isn’t the quickest. You have been prominently displayed over at my home domain for quite some time. My favorite quote (said by you, go figure) is even up. Not that you need a bigger head or anything. :)


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