Comrade PhysioProf’s Perfect Rye Manhattan

Comrade PhysioProf has decided to share a cool-ass drink that he concocted last night. It is a variation on the “Perfect Manhattan”, which traditionally contains a 2:1 proportion of bourbon to vermouth, with the vermouth equal parts sweet and dry, and a few drops of bitters. Here are the ingredients:


three shots Sazerac rye whiskey
four teaspoons sweet vermouth
two teaspoons dry vermouth
a few drops of Angostura bitters
lemon peel for the twist

Photos of the process and outcome are inside the fucking crack:










Let’s get fucking hammered!!!! w00t!!!!


  1. says

    Photos of the process and outcome are inside the fucking crack

    I’m not sure this is entirely correct because you’ve failed to show the final picture of you lying on the floor in a coma after having consumed more than a few glasses of this evil concoction.

  2. chezjake says

    I’d prefer the rye on the rocks. I’m afraid that there’s some quirk in my personal metabolism, and for me there’s no surer route to a nasty hangover than drinking anything with sweet vermouth in it. I can drink motherfucking Jamesons or even Margueritas ’til the cows come home and still be fine in the morning, but even a small quantity of that nastiferous sweet vermouth just ruins the whole next day.

  3. Physiogroupie IV says

    Cheers! I had Manhattans all Friday night. Your recipe is a tad more precise than mine (2:1 bourbon to sweet vermouth, dash of bitters, spritz from an orange slice & garnish). Scotch yesterday.

  4. says

    I’ll take the Perfect Rye Manhattan – hold the vermouth, bitters and fucking prissy lemon “zest” I believe it’s called…..I’m the same way with rum and cokes, I take em hold the fucking coke.

    But I’ll sip on a decent rye all night.

  5. Anonymous says

    Sir: I appreciate a Manhattan perhaps more than your average drinker. I would offer a few criticisms which I would hope you would accept as constructive. In view of my long association with rye in many forms, I believe I am qualified to suggest improvements to your recipe.
    1. You need a proper citrus zester for the manufacture of cocktails. You seem to be using a vegetable peeler, which results in entirely unsatisfactory amounts of pith entering your drink, as well as yielding unaesthetic pieces of peel in the finished product.
    2. I respect anyone’s choice of proportions in cocktails, so long as they are grounded in appreciation of quality ingredients and the effect they produce.
    Therefore, proceed with your large-bore recipe based on three shots of rye. You neglect to mention the desired yield — two drinks or one Big Gulp?
    3. In a similar vein, I applaud your use of a rye whiskey.
    4. Your final product is coming out pretty sludgy. Too much pith in your shaker, and you’re shaking it too hard.

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