Open Letter To Google

Dear Google:

It is totally motherfucking chapping my ass that there is only a single Google login that can be active on a given computer at a given moment in time for *all* Google apps: mail, reader, apps, calendar, etc. This is a total fucking pain in the ass for people who use multiple different Google accounts for different purposes.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, assholes!

Best regards,

Comrade PhysioProf


  1. AG says

    Hey PP, as some others have suggested you can run two browsers.

    Or better yet … two different profiles of the same browser. For example, with no browsers open, “firefox -ProfileManager” in Windows/Linux — probably the same on Macs too. Once you create two profiles, you can set FF to always ask which profile you’d like.

    I can think of good reasons why allowing multiple logins on the same browser process can be a bad thing (for Google’s apps).

  2. x-ine says

    I run into this problem too and I find it ridiculous to have to open more than one browser, especially since I am currently running Chrome, hate Explorer, and have given up on Firefox because it kept crashing on me.

  3. says


    I’ve done the Firefox + Chrome thing and it’s a bit annoying. I wonder if there is a Firefox add-on for Google like the one for Livejournal that sits at the bottom of your browser and allows you to magically flip between accounts. If there isn’t, someone need to make it NOW.

  4. says

    I have this problem all the time–and my other google account uses my real name, so I always have to delete the comments I accidentally make under that login. So, if anybody comes across a mysterious self-deleted comment in a friend’s blog, IT MIGHT BE ME.

    I don’t feel like dealing with multiple browsers…

  5. says

    You can get all your mail from up to five accounts forwarded to one. If you don’t like that idea, use a server from school to set up a domain or two, and run gmail through your own domain. Then you can open multiple accounts in the same browser. You should be able to do that without changing send to address.

    I have been assured by my google tech friend that they are working on it, but that it’s not as simple as it sounds like it should be. He explained it some, but it makes about as much sense to me, as someone speaking Russian.

  6. Beaker says

    Couldn’t you set up your computer’s mail program to read your multiple Gmail accounts via IMAP?

    Doesn’t solve the problem for reader, apps, and calendar, however.

  7. says

    I was searching for how many others are facing same google account problem…. And I came here….

    You are right, Its really a pain to maintain multiple google accounts…. I am not sure why google is not taking this problem seriously…

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