Fuck The Mainstream Media

Every single motherfucking scuzbucket teevee “journalist” should shut the fucking fuck up RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!! These people are a disgrace to the profession of journalism, and a completely destructive influence on our polity. I PUKE ON ALL OF THEIR SHOES!!!!111!!1!!1!1eleventy!!11!!

SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!!11111!!!1!!!! with your goddamn motherfucking fake-ass “analysis” and “insight” that is just fucking POISON!!!!


  1. says

    Not at my wit’s end, but can see it from here.

    The pompous assclownery near did me in.

    [click] goodbye blowholes.

    It’s time for that Old Fitz chaser!

    btw, sorry `bout your Eagles. Not sure it’s anything
    worth lamenting though. I’m stuck here wit Da Bears.

  2. says

    C-SPAN was nice — no voice-overs once events started rolling along. Think once the motorcade left the White House for the Capitol they didn’t interrupt or distract at all.

  3. says

    Speaking for myself, Comrade, I don’t think you need a firm rationale at this time to dismiss with prejudice these feckless buckets of fuck who playact the agendas of corporate thoughtlords, for whom they frolic and gambol as disease-ridden catamites.

    May the filth under the devil’s foreskin be their nightly beauty cream.


  4. says

    Good call, Nan, C-SPAN is the only way to watch any of these major events. They let what you’re watching speak for itself. It was especially in evidence during and immediately after the debates.

  5. chezjake says

    TPM carried the AP’s feed online, which was largely free of commentary until after the inauguration ceremony.

  6. Wolfhound says

    You were watching MSNBC too? Chris Matthews is such an asshat. I too moved over to C-SPAN and the hurting stopped.

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