1. says

    For a second, just a second, I thought kilt? Wrong socks, though. Ah, well, it would have fit with the underwear choices. And apparently made several people very, very happy.

  2. jc says

    Commando PradaProf, those are way too expensive to fling at Bush. DrDrA, he’s got the matching shoelaces, so I think the gray is ok.

  3. says

    He’s hitching up the pants so we can better admire the shoes

    Hey, Dr. J. Don’t quash us like that. Let us dream.

    which look one silver buckle shy of Puritan clogs


  4. says

    If they are really black, great… in the photo they appear grey (gray grey whatever)… I was looking for those shoes on the news coverage of all the inaugural balls last night…

  5. says

    QED baahahahahahaha!
    At least they’re shiny :) Hope you managed to dance up a storm… next time though, I wanna see all the way to the knee! mmmmmmmm. man calf. It’s my thing

  6. says

    I don’t know what all this talk is about “men calf”. Those legs look like skinny chicken legs to me. :)

    Next time, kilt. Kilt makes EVERYTHING better.

  7. says

    WHAT?! Who DOESN’T love kilts?! Warning, if he wears one, I WILL be all over your man. Unless of course Mr. SiT wears one, too.

    Fine, skinny chicken Physioankles!!

  8. says

    Come on. Lay off the ankles. Men’s dress shoes are designed to make pants look good, not ankles. Well, except the ones made to wear with kilts.

    Speaking of which, Sci, the answer from the boy was, “Well, then I’ll definitely have to bring one.” How many science bloggers do you think we could get into kilts for the occassion?

  9. says

    I beg to differ as I have stupendously chiseled calves that would render the exalted Dr Isis speechless … even if I do say so myself.

    Then you’d better put your money where your motherfucking mouth is, PiT. I smell another war a brewin’.

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