Dr. Isis Joins The Partay!!1!

Dr. Isis is feeling a little itchy today and has a bit of the shakes. You see, ScienceBlogs is down and Dr. Isis has not only lost her outlet for all the crazy things in her head, but Saturday morning is prime blog commenting time. Damn it!

So, this morning Little Isis and I talked about how much I miss my precious ScienceBlogs. We recorded it for you here:

Video 1: Dr. and Little Isis discuss some of the blogs Dr. Isis misses. It should be evident from the shakiness of this video, the forlorn tone of her voice, and the fact that Dr. Isis mentions Greg Laden twice that Dr. Isis is dealing with the ScienceBlogs shutdown poorly at best.

I fear that there may be only one thing in the world (other than a trip to the museum with Little Isis, that can cheer Dr. Isis up:

Figure 1: Naughty Monkey’s new line is out. Whew! Moroccan Strut by Naughty Monkey. $74.94 at Zappos.com


  1. says

    JLK doesn’t have a little one at home to echo my sentiments that I miss scienceblogs. :( Maybe I’ll make my husband do it later….

    JLK: “Can you saaayyy…….Isis The Scientist?”

    Husband: “No.”

    JLK: “Can you saaayyy…….SciCurious?”

    Husband: “No. Why are you doing that?”

    JLK: “……………….”

  2. davemunger says

    Oohh, so cute!

    Of course, I wanted to hear Little Isis say “Cognitive Daily,” but “Wackaloon” was so awesome that I’m willing to forgive…

  3. ...tom... says

    Hmmm …stranger in a strange land.

    ‘Whack-a-loon’ always reminds me of the scene in Red Dawn where the young Patrick Swayze et al yell out ‘Wolverines..!! from the mountaintops.

    I just imagine your legion of followers stirred to similar passion. Too bad the free beer is shut off so early…

    ‘ another damn wordpress blog without the comment-preview function. fucking wordpress . . .(just using the opportunity to vent over here…) ‘

  4. says

    wordpress has a problem with comments? wordpress? HAHAHAHAHAAHABLECHSPOTSUCKSASSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!!!!!ELEVINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    Poor kid, trying to hurt him with Terra Sigillata! Even Bora can’t spell it and he’s European.

    When Little Isis is older and a wiseass, I hope he’ll respond, “Hell, it’s Greek to me!”

  6. says

    WTF is up with Scienceblogs?? I thought they were gonna be back up by this afternoon! JLK has been expecting a flurry of make-up blogs to start popping up over at SB, but none such shit has happened.

    What’s the deal??

  7. leigh says

    i saw shoe calendar [12 months of shoes!] on the 50% off sale rack at barnes and noble, and immediately i thought of dr. isis. heh.


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