Happy Motherfucking New Year!!11!!!!!1111!1ELEVENTY!11!1!

Happy New Year to all the readers of Comrade PhysioProf! Thank you for helping make this a great year of blogging. Now let’s crack the Jameson and get fucking wasted!!11!!11!!!11!! w00t!


  1. says

    Review article due today. Fucking Jameson AFTER review article is done, OK?

    Seriously, Happy New Year to you and Physiowife!

  2. says

    I’ll let my husband drink the Jameson, I hate that whiskey shit, I’ll go for his 8% alcohol belgian-style homebrew!

    Happy Hogmanay!

  3. says

    Happy New Year, dear blog friend.

    And CE, you can add a shot of motherfucking Jameson to your champagne. I made that during the recipe war, but I don’t remember what I called it. I was really, really drunk.

  4. says

    Found you via your cardio music comment at Dr. Isis, and wanted to say your choices kick ass. Do you also do Anti-Flag? Some good anti-war/protest songs going on there. Granted not as good as say, Dead Kennedy’s, but better than most of the “bubble gum punk” shit that tries to pass as punk these days.

    Have a great New Year with your Jameson!

  5. says

    Inspiringly Crazy Physiomotherfuckinology Professor Dude! Thank you for writing all the brutally encouraging posts on science careerism that I found while plundering the DM archives. I have much respect for you.

    May your whole family be happy and rock on, and may you get MOTHERFUCKING WASTED!!!!11111!!!!!111111!!!!!

  6. George Tirebiter says

    I’m partial to Wild Turkey myself. I’ve enjoyed reading your musings this past year. Happy new year motherfucker.

  7. says

    My good man, I do hope that you enjoyed your New Year’s celebration. Please accept my gratitude for starting this blog and sharing with us your unique insights. I wish you, the PhysioFamily, and the PhysioReader collective all the best for good health and happiness during the motherfucking new year.

  8. says

    PP I totally drank Jameson on NYE! I took shots of it though, which some say is unbecoming since you’re supposed to sip it out of a glass on the rocks or whatever. Jamesonnnn w00t w00t!

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