Enough Is Enough

It is a disgrace–and politically stupid–that Barack Obama wants to “reach across the aisle” and “work with” these sick GOP motherfuckers. The only people left in the GOP are depraved misogynist, theocratic, racist, and/or plutocratic scumbags.

“Working with” the GOP is something Democrats have been attempting since Clinton. It never, ever, ever works. Give them the slightest bone, and it just emboldens them. NO MORE MOTHERFUCKING BONES for deranged assholes who hate you, hate your families, and seek to destroy everything that normal decent people hold dear.

Instead of reaching across the aisle, Obama and the Democratic Party should make it clear that the Democrats are not negotiating or otherwise working with the sick-fuck dregs of humanity that constitute the GOP, but that any former GOP members who want to join a coalition of the sane are welcome under the Democratic tent.

This is not only ethically, but also pragmatically, sound. Failure to take this tack establishes without question that Obama’s promises of “Change We Can Believe In” is just empty sloganeering from another political hackfuck.


  1. says

    Instead of reaching across the aisle, Obama and the Democratic Party should make it clear that the Democrats are not negotiating

    Can’t be done. The others own the “liberal” media. ALL of them. They set the agenda. Remember Clinton’s near impeachment ? The entire thing would not have even started if the president had been a republican. Do you remember all the phony “scandals” that broke out during the Clinton years, “filegate”, “travelgate”, “Whitewatergate”, none of which was ever proven to have any substance whatsoever ? I am afraid that Obama will receive the same treatment.

    The same people who elected to look the other way during the first Bush administration, who gave him a free ride for four years only to pronounce a tardy and hypocritical “mea culpa” after the situation had become indefensible, will be on Obama’s case since day one.
    We can look forward to hearing words like “indecisive”, “waffling”, “socialist” and other such nonsense every evening on the national news.

  2. InFear says

    Your hate is making you powerful. The Dark side is strong with you. When should we prepare the ovens….

  3. says

    HAHAHAHAH! Yeah, criticizing sick-fuck right-wingers and asserting that Obama should refuse to negotiate with them is JUST LIKE MASS INCINERATION OF A DESPISED RACIAL MINORITY. Jesus motherfucking christ on a cracker! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  4. BikeMonkey says

    Hmm, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same right? And Mary was Jesus’ mother so technically….

  5. anonna says

    Two party system: wait until shit gets really bad and then vote for the other party. Repeat ad nauseam.

  6. InFear says

    Where is the line between criticism and hate? Wars start and people die when you back your enemy into a corner. When you dehumanize them it creates an opportunity for those who would attempt to justify the institutional deaths of the target population. It isn’t funny.

  7. says

    I think Obama is on the right track here. Yes, on the surface, he appears to be groveling to the biggest dinosaurs and worst elements of our body politic. But I think what he is really doing is defusing the GOP by giving them a voice and eliminating their ability to piss and moan because of it. Keep in mind, his cabinet members will do HIS bidding, not the other way around. I still have a great deal of faith in Obama. Let’s wait and reserve judgment until he starts exercising real policy.

  8. vegofish says

    Obama’s choices represent something called “reality”.
    Anybody with more than a lizards brain understood there was no chance that Obama’s “change” meant anything more than changing the nameplates on the office doors. The names change, the impossible promises change, but politics of reality shall commence unfettered by hair brained liberal idealism.

  9. willy says

    scientist hit it right on the head. the repuklicins are so anti hate americans. i cant even believe anyone could still be sucking them off. i cant believe santa doesnt storm the repukes cigar room and open fire. i would like to give the guy that threw the 90 mile an hour red wings at bush a fuckin pat on the back. fuck that american hating mother fucker,

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