Open Letter To Keith Olbermann

Dude, Comrade PhysioProf loves you, and he hates George Bush as much as the next non-deranged American. But we are getting a little concerned about your continued single-minded focus on Bush and his sick-fuck right-wing supporters. Bush is a powerless lame duck. Power is beginning to nucleate arround Obama. Comrade PhysioProf demands that you hold Obama’s feet to the fire with the same critical rigor that you have Bush’s. If you do not, you will establish yourself as nothing but a political hackfuck just as bad as Bill Kristol.


  1. Physiogroupie IV says

    I can’t stand Keith Olbermann. He adds nothing. I can’t believe you watch his show!

  2. says

    Agreed, Prof… used to like him a lot but he’s starting to sound a little too “nyahh, nyahh, nyahh, nyahh, nyahh”. Smart fuck, but flirting with a cartoon image. Maybe it’s because all of his former targets (save for old Bill-O who will always be there) no longer matter and he’s had to manufacture his “sound and fury”. Yeah, the only way back to mattering himself is to call ’em as he sees ’em with the new admin.

    PS: Thanks by the way for adding me to that august list on your blog Roll. Cheers, MF!

  3. says

    Olbermann is great. But yeah he needs to be a tad less of a cheerleader for Obama.

    I wonder how much of a cheerleader PP would be if Clinton was prez-elect …

  4. says

    Hey, Prof, my memory’s a little foggy on this… What was the “play for pay” again for finally putting me on your blog roll? Was it free drinks for six months or free drinks for a year? I forget.

  5. Howlin' Wolf says

    Olbermann is a clown, following in the same order as Matthews. Granted, he may have an edge on intelligence, but a clown nonetheless.
    When will we get reponsible, straight-forward commentary in the MSM? ( A rhetorical question, as I know this is an impossible task.) The only person I see providing such is Paul Krugman.

  6. vegofish says

    Olberman is an Obama ass sucking piece of shit, totally
    irrelevent to anyone who actually uses their brain to assess the state of government, the lefts equivilent to Limbagh, completely bigoted idealism. No regard to facts, just blind dogma. It must continually piss him off that he is so consistently wrong and O’rielly is so consistently correct.

  7. Flaco says

    Keith olberman is the biggest piece of shit on the face of the earth. How is this guy still employed? He is stupid, idiotic, annoying,

  8. Fedup says

    Keith Olberman is sick and boring.He and his network must believe that this simplistic “Bush Hater” comes across as a super intellectual “news person”…This pathetic RANTER is beyond description….MSNBC wake up, it is a new day!…He and Chris Hardball are beyond belief and really “Bushed Out”…Clean house NBC…..It is time,or you too may be looking for a government bail out. Oh, please have Ms.R.Maddow quit immitating Keith, she’s getting tiresome as well…

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