Happy Motherfucking Thanksgiving!

Happy Motherfucking Thankgiving to all friends, colleagues, and readers of Comrade PhysioProf!

The United States of America has a history of horrific acts committed under the guise of freedom, and for the purpose of imperial expansion. At the same time that we give personal thanks for whatever good we each experience in our lives, we ought to vow to behave in the political and social realms in such a way that we increase as much as possible the likelihood that our nation will renounce this history and move in a different direction.

And to all you depraved right-wing assholes who don’t want to let go of your sick-fuck misogynist, racist, theocratic, and/or oligarchical fanatasies: Go Fuck Yourselves!!!


  1. bikemonkey says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, you lovable wackaloon. Also to the no doubt long suffering PhysioWife and any assorted household pets that might be lying around licking themselves…

  2. George Smiley says

    Thanksgiving Prayer (Wm. S. Burroughs)

    Thanks for the wild turkey and
    the passenger pigeons, destined
    to be shit out through wholesome
    American guts.

    Thanks for a continent to despoil
    and poison.

    Thanks for Indians to provide a
    modicum of challenge and

    Thanks for vast herds of bison to
    kill and skin leaving the
    carcasses to rot.

    Thanks for bounties on wolves
    and coyotes.

    Thanks for the American dream,
    To vulgarize and to falsify until
    the bare lies shine through.

    Thanks for the KKK.

    For nigger-killin’ lawmen,
    feelin’ their notches.

    For decent church-goin’ women,
    with their mean, pinched, bitter,
    evil faces.

    Thanks for “Kill a Queer for
    Christ” stickers.

    Thanks for laboratory AIDS.

    Thanks for Prohibition and the
    war against drugs.

    Thanks for a country where
    nobody’s allowed to mind the
    own business.

    Thanks for a nation of finks.

    Yes, thanks for all the
    memories– all right let’s see
    your arms!

    You always were a headache and
    you always were a bore.

    Thanks for the last and greatest
    betrayal of the last and greatest
    of human dreams.

  3. George Smiley says

    It is too bad that Burroughs apparently thought HIV to be man-made. One might forgive his paranoia, however, by noting that in nearly all other respects the Man really was out to get him… and it’s a great fucking prayer.

  4. says

    Yo, Prof… a Happy Thanksgiving to you too… and a mighty thanks as well for launching me into this strange world of blogosphere. And fitting to the occasion, old friend, bring your ass by the bar real soon for a Wild Turkey “101” on me. Unlike your trusty Jameson, this shit’ll make you throw stones at holy pictures!
    (Oh wait a minute, you probably already do that cold sober.)

  5. says

    Hope you wrecked your liver yesterday with some motherfucking Jameson you crazy lovable loon!

    Especially after the Eaglets unloaded on the Cards in the BirdBowl!

  6. says

    And to all you depraved right-wing assholes who don’t want to let go of your sick-fuck misogynist, racist, theocratic, and/or oligarchical fanatasies: Go Fuck Yourselves!!!

    If they would fuck themselves, they’d probably be less problematic, but their too busy trying to GET OUT TEH GHEY!! while living in their little closets to focus on real problems. Bastards.

  7. says

    Sorry that I missed this while offline but I truly appreciate your friendship and kindness, as well as your thoughtful and forceful promotion of the proper and scholarly interpretation of the US Constitution.

    Over the past year or two I’ve realized that your expertise in science, politics, and the law is far too much fucking talent to be bestowed on one human being. Most recently, I’ve been treated to an education on presidential economical appointments that I have yet to find in the MSM. Hence, I hate you, you bastard. My wife also loves you, you flaming rectal distillate.

    While I sincerely envy your unnnatural concentration of talent, I am thankful that you are not such a haughty motherfucker as to keep this shit to yourself. Writing this blog and your other efforts at DrugMonkey are a thankless timesink but I am, nonetheless, grateful that you are often too drunk to realize what a waste of time this is for you, but a tremendous gift to the rest of us who are infrequently sober.

    A very happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire PhysioProf family, especially that of your better half. You’re a good man, but don’t let that get out.

  8. says

    Happy motherfucking Thanksgiving to you, too. As my father was carrying on about the Eagles, I thought of you too, knowing that there would be no Motherfucking Andy Reid post this week.

  9. Becca says

    This year, I’m thankful that I finally tried motherfucking Jameson. I owe it all to you, CPP.

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