Ridiculous Republican Smugfucks

These motherfucking Republican douchemonkeys have been effectively controlling the levers of power for the vast majority of the last 40 years. And look where it’s gotten us. It is time to vote these absurd deranged assholes–who utterly fuck up everyfuckingthing they get their greasy fucking paws on everyfuckingtime–out of power, and let rational adults clean up after them.

The Republican Party is wholly composed of wackaloon four-year-olds yelling and screaming about their imaginary friends, shitting and pissing their pants, reaching in and grabbing handfuls of their own shit, and smearing it all over the entire house. Enough is enough!

And for fuck’s sake, if and when we get the fucking place cleaned up, can we please remember not to let these depraved motherfucking shitheels insinuate themselves back into power? Cause every time we do that, they immediately start smearing their feces all over the place and fucking everything up all over again.

The “Science” Of Economics Is A Fucking Joke

Mike The Mad Biologist just finished reading High Wire: The Precarious Financial Lives of American Families, and was surprised to read that even Nobel Prize-winning economists suck dick at making investment decisions:

Even economists do a poor job [quoting the book]:

“In committing the kind of investment errors that have produced these results, ordinary Americans are not alone. Many Nobel winners admit to similar errors.”

An academic discipline where there is no consensus on even its most fundamental conceptual, empirical, and methodological foundations cannot be considered scientific, and must be considered unmoored from objective reality. It should be no more suprising that economists suck dick at investing than it is that art historians suck dick at investing. The fact is, everyone sucks dick at investing, but some are either lucky, work from inside information, or have control over the markets in a way that guarantees profit.

You think the greedfucks who pocketed billions upon billions of dollars of our motherfucking money over the last decade were “smart investors”? Gimmee a fucking break. These greedfuck assholes who destroyed our economy manipulated the political system to gain the breathing room to lie, cheat, and steal our money and, unfortunately, that of generations of our descendants. And now these “economists” and “smart investors”–the same despicable greedfucks who stole our money–are the ones we are entrusting with the task of getting us out of this mess!?!?!?

For Fuck’s Sake, Dad!

I love my father, but jesus fucking christ, the dude is motherfucking delusional about the current political and economic situation. My father has been a business owner for over forty years, and he says that this economy is the worst he’s ever experienced. He also says that over the last decade, his total wealth has decreased substantially.

My father has always been a “pocketbook” voter. So I’m talking to him yesterday, and I ask him who he’s gonna vote for. He tells me, “McCain”. So I say, “Dad, these motherfucking Republican assholes have been controlling the levers of political power for the vast majority of the last 40 years, and look where it’s gotten us! Maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance.”

And he says, I shit you not, “Well, all this crap that’s going on right now: it’s that Democrat Barney Frank’s fault, because he blah, blah, Fannie Mae, blah, blah.” Barney Motherfucking Frank!!?!?!?

The fact of the matter is that–in addition to the truly deranged sick-fuck racist misogynist theocratic base of the Republican Party–there are substantial numbers of voters whose minds have been so poisoned over so many years by right-wing lies and ratfuckery, that they simply cannot accurately perceive the nature of political reality. And the only thing that’s gonna end this pernicious influence on our polity is attrition. But I sure hope my Dad lives to be 100 motherfucking years old!!!

Recipe War Round #5: Motherfucking Soup

This weeks recipe war battle is soup! Comrade PhysioProf loves motherfucking soup. In fact, Comrade Physioprof considers a day without soup like a day without sunshine. The soup that Comrade PhysioProf has decided on is Italian wedding soup with beef and pork meatballs, and escarole. I just made the shit, drinking a fuckload of Jameson, and let me tell you: it is fucking tasty!!
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Motherfucking Andy Reid!

Last week’s game, the Eagles had the ball right at the goal line, and Reid ran consecutive fullback runs up the middle, instead of giving the ball to McNabb with the option, who just happens to be the most talented motherfucking athlete on the entire motherfucking team and who can throw or run. And they failed to score a touchdown.

Today, the Eagles had the ball right at the goal line, and Reid ran consecutive fullback runs up the middle, instead of giving the ball to McNabb with the option, who just happens to be the most talented motherfucking athlete on the entire motherfucking team and who can throw or run. And they failed to score a touchdown.

I love you, man, but seriously dude, what the goddamn motherfucking fuck are you thinking with that goddamn motherfucking shit!?!? FUCK!

It’s Motherfucking Physiology!!!1!1!

Arlenna at ChemicalBiLOLogy has a great post up today about her vision of chemical biology as a scientific discpline. The entire post is worth reading, but I just want to comment on two things she said:

The more I read and tried things, and the more systems I started to think about, the better I came to understand this fundamental underlying common thread that: really, if you can find, define and categorize the basic units of a system, any system, and how they interact according to the principles of whatever scale you’re looking at (which always comes down to molecular physical properties if you zoom in close enough), YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ANYTHING.

That’s what chemical bilology training should be all about: teaching people to find the systems organization in things, characterize their molecular principles in your head, and think of them as nodes to explore, perturb and manipulate–no matter what degree of complexity the system comes at you with.

Yo, Arlenna! Guess what? You just described the essence of MOTHERFUCKING PHYSIOLOGY!!!11!11!eleventy!! w00t!!!!!

Palin Is Exactly What These Sick Fucks Want

Joe Conason has some questions concerning the American “conservative” political movement (h/t belledame) grounded in his surprise that the GOP would nominate another deranged far-right-wing fake-ass “populist” to sit a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and Comrade PhysioProf has some answers:

And why don’t we expect more from American conservatives?

Because they are racist, misogynist, theocratic, neofuedal scumbags, and there is nothing more to expect. Expecting “more” from conservatives is like expecting a Big Mac to be a filet mignon. It’s supposed to be a distingusting greasy poisonous pile of offal.

Indeed, why don’t they demand more from their own movement?

See above. They are getting exactly what they want: fear, hate, and authoritarian submission.

Aren’t they disgusted that their party would again nominate a person devoid of qualifications for one of the nation’s highest offices?

Of course not. Why the fuck would they be disgusted? Palin is supremely qualified to give the deranged sick-fuck hateful scumbags at the heart of the Republican Party exactly what they want.

Palin Hands Biden His Ass On A Motherfucking Platter

Palin fucking schooled Biden last night. She is a vicious depraved right-wing asshole, but she is no fucking dummy, and was exceedingly well-prepared for the debate. She had Biden on the defensive almost the entire time: she made her talking points and he ran around trying to debunk them.

Biden tried to actually make substantive points; Palin spewed the ooga-booga word salad that wins these things. Palin displayed the certitude of clueless fuckwittitude which the American voter loves. Biden displayed the uncertainty of real knowledge, which is the kiss of death. Biden spent the majority of his time talking about what Palin said, while she mostly just made her talking points.

The moment that just sealed it for me was when Biden actually said “Past is Prologue“! Who the motherfucking fuck does he think he is talking to!?!? The relevant audience for this debate has the analytical capacity of a motherfucking third grader!!!

And the test-ban treaty!? Who the fuck in the relevant audience for this debate even knows what the motherfucking fuck that even is!? And why did Biden spend so much time rambling about the minutiae of who voted for what? People don’t even hear that shit!

Why, oh why, are Democrats so fucking bad at this shit!?!?

Republicans Are Drunken Assholes

Hilzoy (h/t Belledame):

[A]s people go, I am pretty willing to step up and be a grownup, even when other people aren’t. But I am just about at the end of my rope. What that means, in practical terms, is that while early in the 90s I was willing to put various plans on hold for the sake of the country and its fiscal stability, I now think: Democrats’ willingness to be sane and fiscally responsible just enables the Republicans. I am not willing to play that game.

The Democratic Party is the sober responsible spouse who continually cleans up after the out-of-control drunken asshole Republican Party spouse who crashes the car, fucks the babysitter, blows out all the credit cards, and then cries: “It wasn’t my fault; you should have stopped me!”

And the drunken asshole spouse–at least until they completely destroy everything around them–is more fun to drink beer with.