Comrade PhysioProf Is Dreamy!

Comrade PhysioProf has been appearing in the dreams of certain science bloggers, and others have expressed the desire for Comrade PhysioProf to appear in theirs. Comrade PhysioProf would like to publicly announce his availability to appear in all of his readers’ dreams. Please address all inquiries concerning dream appearance requests to


  1. says

    Whoa whoa whoaaaooohh dude that is really creepy, because guess what:


    Two dudes who in dream-world were you guys were in my dream. For some reason you were lodging at my parents’ house for a conference in my hometown. You didn’t know who I was but I knew who you were.

    Whoa. And I did not even read River Tam’s post or yours here until AFTER this happened. I think this is scientific evidence for science fiction.

  2. barman5 says

    Dude, if you’re shamelessly farming yourself out now to guest star in people’s dreams, employ your theatrical right to charge a fee. It’s the American way. And since the fee should be clearly set to match the role in which you appear, I suggest you charge the following for said appearances…

    The typical dream sequence where you and dreamer are flying… $50.00. (Loops and dives, $10.00 extra.)

    If you and dreamer are naked during the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in a high school classroom… $25.00 if the dreamer is female. $500.00 if the dreamer is male.

    If sex is required between you and comely dreamer, take the previous scale, double it, cube it and then square it. (For oral sex double the last total.)

    If you’re asked to ride shotgun with a dreamer who is hurdling madly down a mountain road… $200.00 if you both reach the bottom, nothing if Prof bails out mid-hurdle.

    There are many other scenarios of course to be played out in the arms of Morpheus, but for those, Prof, (I) shall require a fee.

    Barman5… Dreamworks Agency

  3. says

    Dreamy CPP? I think not.

    Some more appropriate descriptions:

    1. A dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress.
    2. An event or experience that is intensely distressing.

    1. Extremely alarming


  4. says

    Dear Brother Comrade Physioprof-

    You have appeared in my Holy Night Time Visions on many occasions.

    In this Vision, you’ve received a phone call from Rep. Tom Tancredo, asking that you serve as the Science Adviser for his presidential administration. When the conversation turns to the Stem Cell issue, something too Horrific to Describe occurs.

    If I may be both blunt and brief simultaneously, these are among the Darker Visions the Lord God Graces me to receive.

    I suspect you Welcome this Revelation in some perverted way, but I am just as certain the Demon speaks to you in this regard.

    Hope this helps in some way. Not much else to say. Just thought you should know.

    In the Love of Christ’s Horrible Suffering


  5. says

    Hmmm… it’s funny, I have the opposite happen to me. When I appear on someone else’s blog, they usually go “please, tell me this is just a bad dream”…

  6. Becca says

    Physiogroupie IV-
    Why a dream off?
    I seem to have no problem with all three of them in the same dream.

  7. Physiogroupie IV says

    Becca, just expanding the recipe war type of battle theme. You have a point, they could collaborate. :)

  8. Becca says

    Oh don’t worry bikemonkey, we dream about you too.

    Physiogroupie IV (btw is that “intravaneous CPP, 20mg stat!” or is that “the fourth”?)- collaboration is how they role. At least in my dreams.

    PP cooks the soup, bikemonkey bakes some bread, Dr. Isis (in her goddesshood) makes the main course, everyone works on the dessert and DM does the dishes.

    (of course I was talking about cooking, what other earthly purpose could I want to have all these people together for?)

  9. says

    This line of commenting on the PP, DM, and Isis dream threesome is beginning to go down a path that is leaving Dr. Isis feeling….well…speechless, frankly.

    You people are out of control.

    Now, a PP, Candid Engineer, and Isis dream….I could be open to that discussion.

  10. Becca says

    Oh snap, poor DM!

    Dr. Isis, one caveat: we’ve moved past threesomes. We’re now into fourgies. If someone backs out, then you’ve still got a threesome. If two people back out, you’re still having sex. You’d be amazed. Even if three people—

  11. Physiogroupie IV says

    (btw is that “intravaneous CPP, 20mg stat!” or is that “the fourth”?)-


  12. says

    Comrade PhysioProf would like to publicly announce his availability to appear in all of his readers’ dreams.

    Demonstrating, once again, that CPP possesses the most egalitarian of hearts.

  13. says

    So apparently something is spreading around the blogosphere beacuse last night I totally had a dream about PP. In it, he was doing the hottest thing ever

    My laundry. See you tonight for a little recipe warring, my most darling PP.

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