“Country First” A Sleazy Smear

The motto of the McCain/Palin campaign–“Country First”–is a despicable smear, and is indisputable evidence that the deepest core of the McCain/Palin campaign is built on hateful lies about Barack Obama. “Country First” as a political motto has no meaning except in distinction to an opponent who would not put “Country First”. If implying that Obama would not put “Country First” is not the meaning of the motto, then it is about as stirring as “I Wanna Be President”.

It will hopefully turn out to be a delicious irony that the depraved right-wing scuzbuckets who orchestrated the smears of McCain in the 2000 primaries, and who are orchestrating smears for him now, will have fucked McCain a second time. First they fucked him by smearing him, and now they are fucking him by goading him into throwing away whatever shreds of humane credibility he may have ever had. If McCain loses this election, he will be wholly discredited as a “transpartisan” or “maverick” or whatthefuckever.


  1. George Smiley says

    Yup. The fact that McCain’s last hurrah is resulting in the complete destruction of his reputation is what I like to think of as “Swift Justice.”

  2. says

    “Country First” isn’t merely a lie about Obama. McCain has offered not one word in this entire campaign that convincingly indicates that he views this country as anything but an adjunct to his own staggering ego.

  3. crf says

    “Country First” is not really a smear. It doesn’t imply that Obama is not patriotic (only that McCain is). There is enough Patriotism to go around.

    It only seems like a smear, because McCain and allies have put out so many naked smears, and run a awful, divisive campaign, and so I guess the mundane and innocuous parts of the campaign seemed tinged by their black light.

    “Country first” is just two words. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    Keep your head on straight. There’s just a week (and maybe a few weeks of ballot counting) to go.

  4. S. Rivlin says

    “Country First” is as hyppocritical as McMcain’s claim that his poicies are different from those of George W. Bush’s. When McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate he, in essence, threw away his “Country First” slogan.

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