1. says

    Isn’t “Best UK Punk Song” a bit like saying “best American American Football team”? I mean surely the “UK” is an unnecessary qualifier he asks, whilst lighting the blue touch paper and running for cover?

  2. Kris McN says

    Tai haku, wrong! But given the constraints of UK, then obviously The Clash. “White Riot” has that classic 1,2,3,4 opening, though I’m also partial to “London’s Burning”.

  3. George Smiley says

    By the way, PPet al. — have you heard Cracker’s country-twang version of White Riot? So wrong, yet so very right…

  4. says

    After a few Jamesons, Comrade PhysioProf has listened to each of these songs. The official Comrade PhysioProf-endorsed winner is Breakdown. The uncontrollable frenzy beats the other two.

  5. says

    Tai haku, you were hoping someone would take the UK v. NYC bait eh? Well hook, line and sinker right here.
    The Ramones are the godfathers of punk and it all started right here in the US of A my friend.
    Course, The Clash bested everyone so quickly that most forgot all about the history lesson and pogoed our hearts out.
    The Buzzcocks were always the ones with the best melodies.
    I love the Pistols just for the sheer balls to take a major label deal and give them one album (just barely) before spending all the money and going down in flames.
    The clear winner though is The Clash. They made ME want to make my own punk rock music.
    I’m so booored with the U. S. A.

  6. biopunk says

    Awww. I came too late for the opening acts!

    Yeah, I’ll agree with Comrade PhysioProf’s choice of Breakdown as the best(as offered)of the UK Big 3, and here’s my plug for the West Coast:

    SoCal: Black Flag – Rise Above

    NorCal: The Avengers – The American In Me

    TruNor: Subhumans – No Productivity or D.O.A.’s – I’m Right You’re Wrong, neither of which have video…

    So I offer a compromise:

    and a history lesson:

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