Moral Sense Test

Eric Schwitzgebel (a philosopher at U.C. Riverside) and Fiery Cushman (a psychologist at Harvard) have designed a “Moral Sense Test” that asks respondents for their takes on various moral dilemmas.  They’re looking to compare the responses of philosophers and non-philosophers, so they’ve asked me to post a link to their test from this blog.  They say that people who have taken other versions of this test have found it interesting to ponder the moral dilemmas they ask about.  The test should take about 15-20 minutes and can be found at


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    The problem with the test is that these guys are, like most philosophers who study ethics, complete fucking idiots. Let me know when the test is complete so I can go into more detail (which would require talking about the test itself) on precisely why I think they’re idiots.

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