For Fuck’s Sake, Dad!

I love my father, but jesus fucking christ, the dude is motherfucking delusional about the current political and economic situation. My father has been a business owner for over forty years, and he says that this economy is the worst he’s ever experienced. He also says that over the last decade, his total wealth has decreased substantially.

My father has always been a “pocketbook” voter. So I’m talking to him yesterday, and I ask him who he’s gonna vote for. He tells me, “McCain”. So I say, “Dad, these motherfucking Republican assholes have been controlling the levers of political power for the vast majority of the last 40 years, and look where it’s gotten us! Maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance.”

And he says, I shit you not, “Well, all this crap that’s going on right now: it’s that Democrat Barney Frank’s fault, because he blah, blah, Fannie Mae, blah, blah.” Barney Motherfucking Frank!!?!?!?

The fact of the matter is that–in addition to the truly deranged sick-fuck racist misogynist theocratic base of the Republican Party–there are substantial numbers of voters whose minds have been so poisoned over so many years by right-wing lies and ratfuckery, that they simply cannot accurately perceive the nature of political reality. And the only thing that’s gonna end this pernicious influence on our polity is attrition. But I sure hope my Dad lives to be 100 motherfucking years old!!!


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    I sympathize, PP. Both of my parents vote Republican. A lot. They may even vote for McCain– I’m way too scared to ask at present. And, even though I will never speak to them again if they do, I love them very much and want them each to live to be 100 motherfucking years old too.

    It’s a cruel world.

    (Except for the part that Isis dominates.)

  2. Physiogroupie IV says

    Why is W effing it up so badly? It’s like he’s trying to give the next president (and the country) a hard time on purpose.

    McCain’s plan is to dangle $5K in front of everybody. That’s not going to solve the credit crunch or health care.

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    My parents are full on socialists and will vote that way until they die as well. Unfortunately, up here in Canada a vote for the socialist party, splits the left of center votes, enabling another Conservative wine. Its Canadian version of Nader vs Gore = George W. win situation up here

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    This makes me cherish my rabidly Obama supporting parents even more. And although it won’t matter in CT, my retired mom is working to register voters in New Haven, which’ll only add to Obama’s totals.

    The polling is looking good, but there’s so many variables. I can’t wait for this election though, because I can’t peel myself away from

  5. says

    I’m so sorry to hear that. There are people I haven’t talked to for months because, well, there are conversations I don’t have without the ability to edit.

  6. NM says

    The fact that the republican party has made the word ‘liberal’ to mean left-wing-whackaloon-gay-loving-abortionista in America has something to do with it. The rest of the word uses Liberal to describe it’s right-wing economic rationalist parties (i.e. what the republicans used to be before they went nutter christian).

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    It is so adorable to me that PhysioProf loves his dad. I always imagined PhysioProf as this foul-mouthed thing that simply emerged. But he was once wee Physio-not-yet-Prof, running around with his Legos and Lincoln Logs in his corduroy pants, calling the neighborhood kids “cocksuckers.” Seriously, my heart is melting and my eyes are tearing up because I can’t handle the cuteness of the image.

    Also, I totally adore Juniper Shoemaker. That gal’s gonna go a long way in science

  8. Beaker says

    My sympathies, comrade. My mom wasn’t sure about McCain until he picked Palin. Now, she’s thrilled. I won’t talk politics with Dad, period. McCain’s got his vote, and I’m not visiting dad until after the election is over.

    Riffing off of NM’s post: when did “elitist” become a code word for “educated?” Traditionally, Elitists got their money from inheritance or marriage a la McCain and Bush. Nowadays, people who got an education based on their achievements are mocked for preferring latte over Budweiser. What’s up with that?

  9. goodeggblogger says

    I agree with the lobotomoy analogy. I think it is too much work for the older people to switch teams. Fox Noise, Rush Limbaugh, etc…. are like their pretend family. It’s too comfortable like the hosts of QVC. They don’t want to be disloyal to the very people that have shared their living rooms the last 8 years. Very sad. I tell my parents to keep an open mind, but it is just too hard to convince them that a new idealogy can be just as good.

    Love the blog, PP

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    Can’t talk politics with my parents either. My mom decided 2 months ago that she was voting for McCain because she “heard from someone that Michelle Obama wrote a thesis back in 1980-whatever which had some vague hints at a black power movement”. WTF?!?! THAT’S the reason she’s going to vote for McCain? Completely goddamn unreasonable.

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    No offense to All concerned here, but- regarding ALL of our Old-school, secondhandedly racist, knee-jerk republican parents- the sooner the old fuckers kick their respective buckets, the better off the country eventually becomes. Don’t worry, though- they are all going to heaven while the rest of us burn in hell, so, it’s totally okay. And I am not wishing an early death to any of YOUR parents, just sayin’. Maybe they can all just end up in nursing homes before the NEXT election or something…

  12. Physiogroupie IV says

    I don’t understand why you all don’t sit down with your parents/grandparents. You may not be able to change their minds, but at least give it a few tries. It’s like submitting a grant despite the low odds of getting it funded. You resubmit anyway!

    That said, I think with the economy tanking and McCain parroting Obama’s catch phrases* while looking confused on tv, the number of people voting for Obama will surpass the closet racists in this country.

    * Seriously, how many times is McCain going to use the Wall Street vs. Main Street line?

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    Give him the Sarah Silverman treatment. If he comes around–you visit! If not….Hope you stay healthy til next year, Dad.

    I’m grateful to have a family of various-shades-of-liberal. This morning en route to work I called my grandmother and we had a good chat about how, in her words, “Sarah Palin makes Dan Quayle look like an intellectual heavyweight!” Love Nanna. Will call her more often.

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    Speaking of grandmothers, DrJMrsH, the late PharmGram said during the Clinton-Lewinsky escapades, “Who cares? President Harding did that kind of stuff all the time!” Ah, the perspective of the nonagenaraian. Wish she was still around b/c she’d vote Obama.

  15. says

    I feel blessed. My elderly mother says quite bluntly that Bush makes her puke, and the Republicans are all crooks and liars.

  16. says

    This is how motherfucking effective the sick-fuck right-wing scuzbuckets are at brainwashing. They’ve got people like my father thinking that it’s all Bush’s fault that our nation is swirling down the fucking shitter, but that it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Bush is the apotheosis of *everyfuckingthing* the Republican Party has feverishly sought for the last 40 years.

  17. PhysioProf's Lustmonkey says

    My mom has a solid grip on politics. Her advice is, “When times are good, vote Republican, when times are bad, vote Democrat.” Of course, she said that before the Bush oligarchy took over the front-man position in 1980.

    When I asked her what the difference in the parties was when I was a kid, she replied, “Republicans are old money and Democrats are new money.” I love telling that to Democrats and watching the steam escape their ears as they blow up.

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    As a non-American and therefore Persona-non-fucking-grata politically, I have nothing to add. If my dad was American, I would probably be having the same problem.

    I will say that I do find it intensely amusing that Comrade PP now has groupies (Physiogroupie IV … does that mean there are #I-III as well??) and his very own Lustmonkey. Am just waiting for the moment he calls them “motherfucking wackaloons” and hurts their poor, tender little hearts.

  19. says

    Hahahahaha . . . just now “Obama for America” emailed me a missive called “Time for ‘The Talk'”, encouraging us supporters to coax our Republican parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts/wayward spouses to vote Obama before it’s too late . . . Physiogroupie IV does have a point . . .

    I just gotta add that my stalwartly-Republican-as-a-team parents are a black Southerner military man and a naturalized citizen from Korea from originally poor families who have bought the GOP’s “soft bigotry of low expectations” line. They think that it’s Liberals!!ELEVENTY!!111!!! who help keep brown people down by paternally sneering at them over their lattes and encouraging them to set the bar low and graft off the government, while conservatives protect their pocketbooks and mean it when they say they want to treat with us as the equals of whitefolk.

    Needless to say, they are wrong. What I especially loathe about right-wing nutters is their ability to trick admirable people like my parents and then stab them in the back after elections are over, every time.


    *also adds big red heart for the Goddess to make it all better*

  20. says

    #9, Lustmonkey:
    My mom has a solid grip on politics. Her advice is, “When times are good, vote Republican, when times are bad, vote Democrat.”

    That’s handy. She can vote for Obama, wait for him to sort things out a bit, then vote the Republicans back in to screw them up again, then eight years after that…

  21. says

    Equally frustrating and infuriating are the many military types who will vote for McCain only because he is retired military. Most of the military people I know are or were enlisted, and to a person they detested the sort of officer McCain was (you know – commission “earned” at birth, could be found at the officers club or on the golf course, was focused on the numbers of “conquests” he made, etc., etc.). Moreover, they usually depend on social security and/or retirement checks, both of which would be tanking if McCain’s privatization plans were ever implemented. McCain was the CO they hated, and is the banker who would rob them blind. But all they see is “military vs. not”.

  22. Howlin' Wolf says

    “The fact of the matter is that–in addition to the truly deranged sick-fuck racist misogynist theocratic base of the Republican Party–there are substantial numbers of voters whose minds have been so poisoned over so many years by right-wing lies and ratfuckery, that they simply cannot accurately perceive the nature of political reality.”

    It would seem that this is a revelation to you.

  23. jkr says

    Is your father at all willing to read opposing viewpoints? The “Barney Frank caused this problem” is very much a current Republican talking point: Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe, Pat Buchanan someplace or other, etc. Slate had an excellent response, with actual data to back it up:

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