Republicans Are Drunken Assholes

Hilzoy (h/t Belledame):

[A]s people go, I am pretty willing to step up and be a grownup, even when other people aren’t. But I am just about at the end of my rope. What that means, in practical terms, is that while early in the 90s I was willing to put various plans on hold for the sake of the country and its fiscal stability, I now think: Democrats’ willingness to be sane and fiscally responsible just enables the Republicans. I am not willing to play that game.

The Democratic Party is the sober responsible spouse who continually cleans up after the out-of-control drunken asshole Republican Party spouse who crashes the car, fucks the babysitter, blows out all the credit cards, and then cries: “It wasn’t my fault; you should have stopped me!”

And the drunken asshole spouse–at least until they completely destroy everything around them–is more fun to drink beer with.


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