Moral And Practical Depravity of “Conservative” Political Philosophy

What’s very, very, very important is for everyone to be extremely clear that this financial clusterfuck is a direct consequence of the complete utter moral and pragmatic depravity of so-called “conservative” political philosophy as implemented by the deranged sick-fuck Republican Party. Every decent citizen of the United States needs to know in no uncertain terms that the Republican Party caused this to happen through their intentional policy of privatizing gains by their greedfuck cronies while socializing their losses, and that a vote for McCain-Palin is a vote to continue destroying everything that normal decent people hold dear.

Sharing Blame

A bunch of scumbag right-wing operatives are slithering all over the media right now spreading the ridiculous lie that our nation is being destroyed not by the Republican Party, but by some nebulous “Washington culture” that includes Republicans and Democrats. Nuh, uh. I’m not saying the Democrats are fucking angels, but the Republican Party has driven policy for the last 40 years, and they own this motherfucker!

They say that the Dems didn’t stop this shit from happening, so they share the blame. The problem isn’t that the Republican Party has irretrievably fucked up every single fucking thing in the universe it’s gotten its greedy sick-fuck depraved hands on over the last 40 years. The problem is that the Democratic Party hasn’t stopped them.

It’s like a motherfucking drunk who crashes his car into a school bus and kills thirty kids blaming the motherfucking bartender who served him his last beer.

The horrific destruction that the Republican Party has wreaked on our nation is a completely predictable consequence of governing on the basis of their morally and pragmatically bankrupt depraved fake-ass “conservative” ideology. It just so happens, however, that “conservative” ideology is very attractive on a personal level to racists, woman-haters, jesus freaks, corporate oligarch greedfucks, and assorted other deranged wackaloon scuzbuckets.

Dow 8000: The Republican Party Owns This Motherfucker

As Driftglass has so eloquently pointed out, lying GOP scumbags like Karl Rove are currently engaged in an explicit plan to confuse normal decent Americans with the usual “all politicians are to blame” bullshit. So, PhysioProf is here to provide some clarity.

Despicable traitorious America-hating GOP felons like Karl Rove get on teevee and start spraying this “McCain and Obama are both Teh Bad Politishuns” flak with the goal of getting normal decent Americans to throw their hands up in the air and give up trying to distinguish traitors from patriots. And that kind of confusion inures to the benefit of the GOP.

The GOP is riddled with traitorious lying America-hating shitbags from top to bottom. Their policies are explicitly designed to funnel vast amounts of wealth from the pockets of ordinary decent Americans into the purses of their greedfuck cronies. They succeeded wildly at this scheme. The only downside was that they were so motherfucking greedy that they killed the entire economy.

When some absurd right-wing douchebag tells you that “Democrats and Republicans are EQUALLY TO BLAME”, you tell them PhysioProf says, “The depraved scumbag Republican Party OWNS THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!”

The Republican Party: The Political Party That Fucking Wrecked America

Jim Kunstler has an excellent post up today on his blog Clusterfuck Nation discussing the complete implosion of the United States economy, built as it is on a tissue of lies that the American people bought into and which enabled the transfer of a vast amount of wealth into the hands of a very small cadre of despicable greedfucks.

(Some analysis is inside the crack.)

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Joe Trippi Misses The Fucking Point

Joe Trippi had the following to say about McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP running mate (h/t Coturnix):

John McCain and his team had to make a decision. Run as the more experienced ticket, and run smack into Barack Obama’s trap of change vs more of the same just as Clinton had. Or pick Sarah Palin and run as the original mavericks that really will shake up Washington.

This grotesquely misses the point of Palin’s selection. Palin is not running as a “maverick”. She is running as a sick-fuck racist woman-hating theocratic right-wing wackaloon, with the goal of mobilizing the sick-fuck racist woman-hating theocratic wackaloon segment of the right-wing base.

The brilliant trick is that low-information–but non-deranged–voters look at her on teevee and see someone who looks very normal, and even wears “hip” glasses and “cute” shoes and shit, so how could she possibly be a neofeudal depraved destroyer of everything normal Americans actually give a fuck about?

PhysioProf Is Fucking Reeling!!!

With about three hours to go in the Recipe War Battle #2 voting, PhysioProf had a decent lead of about seven votes, roughly 60 to 53. In an absolutely stunning last-minute surge, fierce competitor Isis the Scientist collected almost 30 votes in the last three hours to lurch ahead and win.

This staggering development has PhysioProf nearly incapacitated with shock and awe, but–just like when some ridiculous fuckwit study section fails to appreciate the brilliance of one of his grant applications–PhysioProf is nothing if not a persistent competitor. He has thus dusted himself off, sacked the fuck up, and is ready for round three: Fish Course #1. (If I am not mistaken, the soup course has been pushed forward to after the second fish course; if I am mistaken, I am sure Isis the Scientist will gently disabuse me.)

PhysioProf is grateful for Isis the Scientist’s agreement to move the engagement of battle to Tuesday night at Midnight, to accomodate PhysioProf’s numerous high-powered professional responsibilities. Indeed, PhysioProf hereby respectfully requests a delay of the engagement of the Fish Course #2 battle to Tuesday at Midnight of the following week, on account of yet another extraordinarily important high-powered professional responsibility.

Finally, PhysioProf would like to point out that, while Isis the Scientist seems unable to resist her compulsion to indulge in vicious trash talk and feeble nasty unfunny visual humor at PhysioProf’s expense, PhysioProf has thus far, and will continue to do so, taken the high road and refrained from underhanded cruel digs at any of Isis the Scientists many intellectual and character flaws.

Irredeemable Right-Wing Moral Degeneracy

There are those who think that for Democrats to win national elections, they need to “reach out across the aisle” with some kind of “bipartisan appeal” wackaloonery. Cutting right through the bullshit, Driftglass said this a couple days ago, concerning the keening shrieking wackaloon nutjobs who vote Republican over and over and over:

They are barbarians, and in 2004 we finally had to confront the terrible, irrefutable fact that what is wrong with America is not the fault of a handful of DeLays and Bushes and Roves, but millions of our fellow citizens, who are soul-sick in a way that can never be cured because their tiny, angry, lizard brains simply do not work like ours.

Interestingly, some dude named Jonathan Haidt had this to say about what is appealing to many people about Republican lies and propaganda:

[O]ne of the main reasons that so many Americans voted Republican over the last 30 years [is that] they honestly prefer the Republican vision of a moral order to the one offered by Democrats.

Put these equally reasonable analyses together and what you come up with is the following inescapable conclusion: Many Americans are racist, woman-hating jesus-loving godbothering wackaloon fuckwits who allow all that fake-ass three-card-monte “conservative values” bullshit to hoodwink them into voting for their own demise.

These people are irredeemable moral degenerates, and there is nothing we can do about it except work our fucking asses off to ensure that they have as difficult time as possible recruiting new people into their sick depraved world view, and let attrition do its work.

Recipe War Week #2: Fucking Salad

OK. PhysioProf got his sorry ass handed to him on a fucking platter by vicious competitor Isis in the first battle of the Recipe War. Well, PhysioProf learns from his fuck-ups, and this week he is back with a vengeance. For the salad course, PhysioProf has prepared a duo of salads: seafood salad and arugula, watermelon, pine nuts, and goat cheese salad. Photographs and recipes are inside the crack. (YES! PhysioProf cooked the motherfucking shit!!)

Voting site is here, and my worthy competitor’s recipe is here.

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Three-Legged Stool

Republican electoral success rests on a three-legged stool of depraved sick-fuck extreme far-right-wing factions.

(1) Deranged wackaloon theocratic motherfuckers who live in a fantastical world of disturbed misogynist hate, and seek a return to the middle ages.

(2) Neo-confederate racist scumbags who think their economic and social problems are all due to the existence of non-whites, and who seek a return to the days of white supremacy.

(3) Corporate oligarchs and other assorted rich-ass greedfucks who only give a shit about one thing: keeping going the three-card monte game of privatizing financial gains and socializing financial losses.

In light of this analysis, the Palin pick for VP was absolutely fucking brilliant. She takes care of (1) and (2), and McCain takes care of (3). And normal decent cognitively, emotionally, and morally intact citizens of the United States get fucked up the ass for another four years.