Comrade PhysioProf

Following the leads of my comrades at Calculated Risk, Comrade John Cole, and Comrade Earth-Bound-Misfit, I am temporarily changing my name to Comrade PhysioProf, in honor of the fact that we have apparently become a socialist state. As Comrade EBM put it:

Warrantless searches. Warrantless wiretaps. Detentions without trial. Accusations of treason against those opposed to the regime.

And now, socialism, at least for the rich (you poor saps who make less than a few million a year still get to drown without hindrance).

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  1. Melinda says

    Just a nitpicky little thing from a proud democratic socialist. Socialism is an economic system and has NOTHING to do with warrantless wiretaps and the like. There’s also nothing socialist about bailing out private industries while the fatcats who screwed things up walk away with millions. Just capitalism trying to save itself from its own bad habits.

  2. says

    oh please melinda that is just as pathetic as any other ‘ism’ claiming that the pure version of their ideology “doesn’t really mean that”. bullshit. always enroll the human factor. and the real world attempts at socialism have been no better than any other at getting humans’ base nature out of the equation. power-hunger-greedy-exploitative fucktardism exists in every political structure and needs to be dealt with

  3. says

    Bikemonkey: but the post started with warrantless wiretapping and got to socialism from there. No one was saying “Warrantless wiretapping shows what’s wrong with the socialist government in America.”
    Anyway, surely socialism would have involved the comrades in charge of enormous financial structures being answerable to the government in the first place.

  4. Melinda says

    Bikemonkey, what Robin said. I could go on and on about the failures of X system in practice, including socialism, but that wasn’t my point. It seems that every time the capitalists throw money at their cronies in private industry, people want to scream socialism. That just isn’t socialism. Socialism would have involved a lot more government regulation and/or control of those industries depending on the form of socialism and what political system it was linked to.

  5. says

    Melinda: Thank you! My first reaction was to point out that Europe has many socialists states that do not carry out warrant-less wiretapping, searches etc. I was offended with the link between socialism and over eager government intervention.

    NB I do not include Great (ahem) Britain into that list of free socialist states.

    FAIL Comrade PhysioProf.

  6. says

    I’m sorry that Comrade Cole, Comrade Misfit, and Comrade PhysioProf have misused the technical term “socialism”. We’re just trying to point some shit out and have a little motherfucking fun! Please do not be offended, as we seriously do not mean offense.

  7. Melinda says

    I knew you meant no offense or I wouldn’t have bothered posting. It’s just that conservatives love using “socialism” (like “liberal”) as a scare word and too few people know what it actually is. So, it’s a pet peeve.

  8. says

    I think we are trying to make two different analogies. First, in terms of the “police state” shit, to Soviet Russia. Second, we are alluding to “privatizing profits, socializing losses”. So, really there is no single word that captures both of these.

    Anyway, it’s all Comrade Cole’s and Comrade Misfit’s fault. I am just a brainwashed fellow traveler!!!!!

  9. says

    In Soviet Amerika, the market frees you. It frees you of being able to retire. It frees you of owning a home. It frees you of being able to fund better schools or rebuild bridges or repair the roads or build a 21st Century infrastructure.

  10. Marksman2000 says

    “No worries. We’ll come up with a word for the nonsense one of these days.”

    Yep, we’ll all be fawked by then. My suggestion is to learn how to speak Chinese.

  11. says

    Warrantless searches. Warrantless wiretaps. Detentions without trial. Accusations of treason against those opposed to the regime.

    These qualities are the markings of a fascist state not a socialist one.

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