Moral And Practical Depravity of “Conservative” Political Philosophy

What’s very, very, very important is for everyone to be extremely clear that this financial clusterfuck is a direct consequence of the complete utter moral and pragmatic depravity of so-called “conservative” political philosophy as implemented by the deranged sick-fuck Republican Party. Every decent citizen of the United States needs to know in no uncertain terms that the Republican Party caused this to happen through their intentional policy of privatizing gains by their greedfuck cronies while socializing their losses, and that a vote for McCain-Palin is a vote to continue destroying everything that normal decent people hold dear.


  1. eumenidis says

    & this implosion has been inevitable since the ravening, cannibalistic, reality-challenged nutburgers first began putting their sociopathic policies into effect; it isn’t as though their ideas haven’t been tried & tested before.

  2. says

    You know, though, that there are going to be people who throw a cold dash of reality on your rant by pointing out that Bill Clinton was the president who signed the legislation that eliminated the wall (the Glass-Steagall Act, IIRC) between banking, insurance, and speculation. Yes, the Repugs are a bunch of thieving, rapacious assholes who have been plundering the country for much too long — but Bubba, by following the demented advice of his equally rapacious secretary of the treasury and tool of Wall Street, enabled them.

  3. Renee says

    As terrible as the days ahead will be it is my hope that these current crises will lead to awakening amongst the proletarian class. Capitalism is irrational and cannot be sustained. I believe we are beginning to see the truth of that statement.

  4. DW says

    Or, you could say, the ex-CEO of Lehman Brothers was somewhat responsible, but since he’s a Democrat and one of Obama’s economic advisors, you don’t really want to get into that, do you?

    Hey PhysioProf, why don’t you stick to Physiology? You obviously don’t know shit about economics.

  5. Pinus says

    The most important thing to do right now is to contact your rep’s and tell them to vote down paulson’s plan. I read a draft version and section 8 basically stated that no court could question any action that the treasury takes. Color me a conspiracy nut, but that sounds like a direct violation of our constitution. Something that blatant…very frightening.

  6. Marksman2000 says

    Honestly, I don’t think there is any way McCain/Palin can pull off a win right now. Who among us can stay straigh-faced and state that they approve of the way our country is being run and the direction it’s going?

    However, when Obama is seated as President and starts working with a Democrat-dominated Congress, he better pull a fistful of miracles out of his ass. We are in DEBT. Our economy is FUCKED. We’re fighting two WARS that we can’t afford. And Iran might go NUKE soon. These are serious problems, and people are going to expect him to rectify these situations. After all, he’ll still be holding that big-ass sign that says CHANGE when the General Election is over.

    I hope to Gawd he practices what he preaches.

  7. says

    Yes, Bill Clinton signed that bill, but he himself maintain that he was really a moderate Republican? Look what a google search turned up:

    Clinton was a disaster for liberals and Democrats because he was a closet Republican and was a major cause of the wealth and income gap that exists today between the rich and middle- and low-income Americans. Voters now identify his economic policies that benefitted investors and the wealthy at the expense of workers—primarily, but not exclusively, NAFTA, WTO and “globalization”—with today’s liberals and Democrats. As they say, “Why vote for a Democrat if their economic policies are just as bad as the Republicans.”

    Let’s not forget that almost all the Democrats voted with the Republicans to pass Phil Gramm’s bill, although those opposed to it were mostly Democrats.

  8. AlanDownunder says

    What Nan and Dale said about Clinton, sadly. The US political spectrum is so red-shifted its not just on another planet – it’s halfway across the damn universe.


  1. […] “On what planet?” I retorted. “Yes, the Democrats have done some things but they weren’t the ones who took off all the controls and turned it into Christmas morning for big business. Saying the Democrats are to blame is like saying a two-year-old who spills something on the new rug is equivalent to the person who deliberately set your house on fire. […]

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