Three-Legged Stool

Republican electoral success rests on a three-legged stool of depraved sick-fuck extreme far-right-wing factions.

(1) Deranged wackaloon theocratic motherfuckers who live in a fantastical world of disturbed misogynist hate, and seek a return to the middle ages.

(2) Neo-confederate racist scumbags who think their economic and social problems are all due to the existence of non-whites, and who seek a return to the days of white supremacy.

(3) Corporate oligarchs and other assorted rich-ass greedfucks who only give a shit about one thing: keeping going the three-card monte game of privatizing financial gains and socializing financial losses.

In light of this analysis, the Palin pick for VP was absolutely fucking brilliant. She takes care of (1) and (2), and McCain takes care of (3). And normal decent cognitively, emotionally, and morally intact citizens of the United States get fucked up the ass for another four years.


  1. says

    You forgot the lobotomized. 80% of the country hates the current administration, yet a good portion support for McCain. L-O-B-O-T-I-M-I-Z-E-D.

  2. says

    What I fail to understand is how so many people can hate Bush and think that voting for McCain is a transformative decision. I guess all the slashing that Republicans have done to the education system is paying off.


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