The NY Times Continues To Totally Suck My Ass (UPDATED)

Pam Spaulding, ass-kicking blogger at Pandagon and Pam’s House Blend, has just been interviewed for a feature article in the NY Times:

And one last bit of business—last week I was interviewed by Amanda Millner-Fairbanks of the New York Times for a feature that will run this [Saturday] on the front page of the Style section. The focus will be on all of the logistical and financial hurdles faced by bloggers—as well as the DNCC—in coordinating the inclusion of citizen journalists as members of the credentialed media. [emphasis added]

Why, why, why does the motherfucking Times continue to insist on capriciously covering some–but not all–blogging in the Style/Fashion section of the paper!?

What the motherfucking fuck does “logistical and financial hurdles faced by bloggers—as well as the DNCC—in coordinating the inclusion of citizen journalists as members of the credentialed media” have to do with Fashion or Style!?!? You’d think a motherfucking newspaper would at least understand when they are covering motherfucking journalism, and not Fashion or Style. Ah, but then you remember that we’re talking about the NY Times, pathetic dickbag wastrel excuse for real journalism that it has become. Eh.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, this shit is not about PhysioProf. I’m just a motherfucking hobby blogger, doing it for shits and giggles, and I could fucking care less how the NY Times or anyone else views what I do. But bloggers like Pam Spaulding, Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, and many others are PROFESSIONAL MOTHERFUCKING JOURNALISTS!

Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/20/08

The Ann Margaret Love Boat outfit should win, and Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE should get his sorry ass kicked off. I mean, he’s designing a fucking drag queen outfit, and he asserts that he didn’t want it to look “gaudy”!? What a clueless fuckwit!

The judges are discussing the outfits now. They are dissing Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE.

Love Boat won! And Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE is O-U-T!!! And his departing statement is that he has an excellent “taste level”! WTF!?

Anthrax Case

Now that microbiologist Bruce Ivins has died, there will be no criminal trial to establish (or fail to) Ivins’s guilt. Instead, the FBI’s plan is to establish the convincingness of their case against Ivins by publishing papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that demonstrate that the spores in the mailed anthrax letters are derived from a particular anthrax culture that Ivins had access to.

This is all very nice, but it doesn’t tell us jack diddly shit about how convincing the FBI’s case against Ivins is. In order to know how convincing the case against Ivins is, we need to know how convincing is the evidence that Ivins was the motherfucker who actually prepared and mailed the fucking letters. This is not a scientific question.

The FBI is trying to dazzle with fancy-ass bullshit.

Lying Scumbag “Liberals”

Driftglass builds on a great post by fabuloso Jill of Brilliant at Breakfast to make clear the abject shitbaggery of “contrite liberal” douchescrote Joe Klein.

I really don’t get why a single fucking person could possibly want to give these despicable fucknozzle war-enabling nation-destroying “liberal” shitbags a plateful of motherfucking cookies just because after 7 goddamn motherfucking years of death, suffering, and destruction of everything that is good about our nation, they finally decide to pull their motherfucking heads out of their asses.

Too little, too late. You were supposed to function as the opposition press, and all you did was suck sick-fuck right-wing dick. Now burn in hell, you motherfucking lying traitorious piece-of-shit scumbags.

Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/13/08

I do not get at all why the judges liked that brown skirt made of all the little leaves of fabric. I’m watching now, and Jerrell and Stella better win! I hope they kick out Mr. “I Have IMPECCABLE Taste” Dude! What a fucking douchescrote he is!

How the fuck did douchey brown leaf skirt win!? That shit is fugly. Jerrell’s design and their execution was so much better.

I am disappointed that Kelly is out, and not Mr. “I Have IMPECCABLE Taste” Dude. Maybe they didn’t like that she didn’t take responsibility for her own failed design and tried to throw “I Have IMPECCABLE Taste” under the bus, while Blaine took responsibility for his own failure.

Colin Powell To Endorse Obama!?

Apparently, right-wing wackaloon scumbag Bill Kristol has claimed that “inside sources” tell him that piece-of-shit lying war-enabler Colin Powell is going to endorse Obama at the Democratic National Convention. The article also states that Powell spokespeople deny this. Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough.

If it is true, this could potentially shift substantial votes towards Obama. Which speaks volumes for how fucking delusional vast swaths of the American voting public are, and how quickly people forget what a pivotal role Powell played in the evil lying traitorious rush to war in Iraq and what a lying revisionist scumbag he has been since he did so:

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“Jessica” says in her recent comment:

Your a fucking idiot! What the fuck do you care if somebody makes a diaper cake? Did you eat shit once thinking it was chocolate? Go right a blog about something people actually care about.

Diaper Cake!?!? That’s Just Fucking Wrong!! is one of my top ten posts of all time, as it gets about a dozen Google hits a day from people presumably searching for diaper cakes. I suspect Jessica is one of these people. Oh, and Jessica? It seems pretty clear that you do care about diaper cakes, doesn’t it? LOLZ!!!

What The Fucking Fuck!?

See if you can guess who said the following (answer inside the crack):

The idea that Obama was going to win in a blowout was always preposterous[.] * * * A big piece of this, of course, is whether white people are going to support a black guy… If [Obama] is a tall, skinny white guy named Paul Jones it’s a different story.

* * *

John McCain is a known quantity. * * * You don’t look at John and say, ‘Who the heck is he?’ he’s a veteran, he’s a guy who got pretty banged up in Vietnam. He can deal with crisis. There’s some uncertainty about Senator Obama.

* * *

The country’s still pretty divided… people may want a divided government. They want change but I’m not sure that the Democratic agenda has the support of a majority of Americans.

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Love And Anger

Greg Laden has a nice post up today talking about Matthew Nisbet’s strange oblique attack on PZ Myers as an “angry, grumpy, uncharismatic male loner[] with a passion for attacking and ridiculing religious believers”. I am not going to get into that issue, however, and only want to discuss something Greg said that resonates with me:

I mention this because it seems to be part of PZ Myers philosophy of critical tolerance. It is this part of his approach that allows vehemence and compassion about the same issues and the same people.

It is really, really, really important to understand that this principle applies in a more general way. One can simultaneously be angry about perceived flaws in something and yet care about it very deeply, and even love it. The idea that expression of harsh criticism entails that one “hates” the thing one criticizes is a pernicious rhetorical trick used to discount valid criticism and marginalize the individual who brings it.

Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/6/08

OK. I thought the other pantsuit should have won. I did agree that the skort was not a winner. It didn’t look well constructed.

I totally disagree with who was out. I thought her garment, although not very olympicish, was nice-looking and well constructed.

I thought purple dress dude should have been out. And what the fuck was the douchescrote thinking wearing a purple shirt during the runway show!?!? Fucknagle.