Recipe War Week #1: Amuse Bouche

PhysioProf’s amuse bouche is a miniature morel mushroom and duck confit chawanmushi (Japanese savory egg custard). Recipe is inside the crack.


4 eggs
1 cup concentrated demi-glace
1 cup water
2 tbsp white wine
morel mushrooms (fresh or reconstituted dried)
duck confit
little ceramic cups with lids

(1) Break eggs and mix yolks and whites by stirring (not beating), introducing as few bubbles as possible.

(2) Gently mix in demi-glace, water, and wine. (The exact ratio of demi-glace and water depends on how concentrated the dem-glace is. Combine the demi-glace and water separately, make sure it tastes fucking good at that ratio, and salt to taste before adding to the eggs.)

(3) Strain this mixture through a fine sieve.

(4) Place one piece of morel mushroom and some shreds of duck confit in each of the little ceramic cups, and then pour in the egg mixture to cover the morel and confit. (Don’t get too close to the top of the cup.) Put the fucking lids on.

(5) Steam the motherfuckers over high heat for approximately ten-fifteen minutes. To test if they’re done, poke the top with a thick toothpick. If the custard is solidified and clear broth (not cloudy with egg) comes out of the hole, they’re done.

(6) Serve with a little tiny spoon. To eat, remove the fucking lid, stir the shit up a bit to break up the custard and mix the flavors, and YUM!

Vote here! And do not be bamboozled by pretty pictures. Remember, this is a Recipe War!


  1. Diva says

    This is a recipe I will certain try. And you make reading it very entertaining! You’re a funny man.

  2. says

    Who knew you had a hidden talent for cooking. I’ve got to say though- you are going to have to put up some photogaphs if you are seriously going to compete with Isis.

    I’d love to judge this little contest.

  3. pinus says

    this sounds tasty.

    A few questions before I vote….did you make the duck confit and the demi-glace?

    If so, wow.

  4. says

    Seems to me that you are a bit sore at the outcome so far, PP. Also, seems that you left out the “recipes” for your duck confit and demi-glace. Unless, of course, your readers have the ability to pull them out of their collective arses.

    I give you minus 5 points for the incomplete nature of your recipe.

  5. says


    There is going to be a smackdown… you better be careful when competing with the domestic goddess.. she’s taking this to a higher level. Can you match her?

  6. pinus says

    Part of this contest is that these have to be recipes that the person has made…not just some pie in the sky fancy

  7. says

    This manuscript reports the method for preparation of a potentially novel and delicious amuse bouche. However, enthusiasm for the report is markedly reduced by the incomplete nature of the introduction (for example, the means by which demi-glace may be prepare, or the supplier from whom it was obtained). In addition, the norm in the field is for such reports to be accompanied by substantive figures detailing and verifying the experimental procedures described, and the absence of such should be addressed prior to resubmission.

  8. says

    Ahhh hahahaahahaha I love it Ewan.

    See PhysioProf, it is harder for us to visualize and flavorolize what these might be like without pictures and further graphical language description.

    Either you gotta make it all experiential, or you gotta require that judges actually make and try the recipes, too. Go Nature Methods on us.

  9. Physiogroupie IV says

    you’re my favorite blogger by far. there’s science, career advice, cursing, liberal views, feminism, and recipes, motherfucker. i still have to see what isis posted before i vote, though.

  10. Physiogroupie IV says

    I have been out of the country in locales that did not have internet access. I refrained from being swayed by my personal BIAS towards you and your site. I also did not look to see what the current vote tallies were in the first recipe showdown. That said, I did vote for you. Congrats to Isis, who not only gets bragging rights but apparently some sort of ‘prize’ from PP! You lucky woman you!!

  11. says

    bm – I think he’s probably toiling away in the kitchen on a dozen or so different salad recipes in a frantic attempt to draw level.

    Perhaps he’s off trying to track down SP’s Moose Stew recipe ahead of the meat rounds?

  12. larue says

    This contest should be over.

    That way we could save the poor mangled food stuffs from Physio’s inept paws . . . .

    Escoffier is turning in his grave, and he’s not turning chantrelle’s, either.

    The Chick Wins!!! *G*

    Now please, can we save the food?

  13. nutty chef says

    i know the competition is over but…
    i think your chawan mushi amuse bouche is fucked!

    -the eggs will be full of pimples! u have to turn your steaming heat to simmer and not on high like you are on crack

    -the resultant will be brown and dull which kinda defies the reputation of an amuse bouche


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