Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/20/08

The Ann Margaret Love Boat outfit should win, and Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE should get his sorry ass kicked off. I mean, he’s designing a fucking drag queen outfit, and he asserts that he didn’t want it to look “gaudy”!? What a clueless fuckwit!

The judges are discussing the outfits now. They are dissing Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE.

Love Boat won! And Mr. IMPECCABLE TASTE is O-U-T!!! And his departing statement is that he has an excellent “taste level”! WTF!?


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    I found it fascinating that you watch project runway yet you wear “Jeans, engineer boots, and rugby shirts in the cool weather. Bermuda shorts or knickers, gold shirts, and flip-flops in the warm”. Just an observation.

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    I believe they’re called “manpris,” Terry.

    Also? Is there any way to selectively mute that girl Kenley’s voice for the remainder of this season? Every time she opens her mouth, I want to scoop out my tympanic membranes with a melon baller just to get away from the noises she makes.

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