Lying Scumbag “Liberals”

Driftglass builds on a great post by fabuloso Jill of Brilliant at Breakfast to make clear the abject shitbaggery of “contrite liberal” douchescrote Joe Klein.

I really don’t get why a single fucking person could possibly want to give these despicable fucknozzle war-enabling nation-destroying “liberal” shitbags a plateful of motherfucking cookies just because after 7 goddamn motherfucking years of death, suffering, and destruction of everything that is good about our nation, they finally decide to pull their motherfucking heads out of their asses.

Too little, too late. You were supposed to function as the opposition press, and all you did was suck sick-fuck right-wing dick. Now burn in hell, you motherfucking lying traitorious piece-of-shit scumbags.


  1. George Smiley says

    So you’re o.k. with the “truth” part, but not so big on the “reconciliation” then? Doe that mean you’re an old-Testament leftie?

  2. bm says

    Klein is a liberal? Fuck, I can claim I’m the OverUnicorn of Planet SpaetzleSnogger but it don’t make it so. A liberal…riiiight.

  3. invisible says

    Now burn in hell, you motherfucking lying traitorious piece-of-shit scumbags.

    My own sentiments EXACTLY.

  4. invisible says

    P.S. George Smiley

    It is my understanding that when the Messiah returns, he comes with a SHOUT (I assume he’s mighty pissed by now)and speaks these EXACT words.

  5. larue says

    Ya know, if Drifty hadn’t already posted the clip a few months back, I’d put up the Monty Python one of the Black Knight . . . getting hacked all to phook and denying he’s hurt . . .

    It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding.

    It’s Only A Flesh Wound.

    I don’t think we can bleed much more . . . something’s gotta give. And I don’t expect it to break OUR way . . I mean give like bad.

    Or is this our punishment for letting it happen . . . an endless routine of more of the same as it gets worse and worse day by day for the rest of our lives?

    Are we beaten, as a species?

    Are we doomed by the uberfuck’s who took our labor, our wealth, and our lives for their own over the centuries?

    ‘Kin MSM . . . but they are owned and bought by the Uber’s, and we KNEW THIS, for EVAH!!!! SINCE LONG AGO!

    And we did nothing . . . and they marched on all OVER our lives, and continue to do so . . . Hope? Show me some . . . please.

    ‘Kin MSM. Fuck ’em yeah, for sure . . . but we LET them get away with it . . .

  6. says

    why are all your posts so vulgar ?

    Because this is the stuff we should be raging fucking angry about and because PP posts only when something is worthy of his (and our) anger?

  7. larue says

    Anon, what the fuck do you care if the threads and the comments are vulgar?

    Go fuck yerself! In a kinder and gentler way, I mean, with some form of lubricant and protection . . . in case you’ve never had sex with yer self or anyone else . . . that is.

    And in yer case, you’d likely want to use protection of condoms, incase you give yerself yer own diseases . . . . I guess it would be HELL to die of yer own infections . . . no ascension no doubt in THAT case.

    Vulgar? You Want Vulgar?

    How about the despotic crap of a nation and leadership we’re under, and our loss as WE THE FUCKIN PEOPLE get hosed for jobs, income, rights, and a HOPE we’ll ever get any of this shit back for future generations before these asshats of th 1% blow it all up in some kinda fuckin Biblical Belief of Ascension?

    Vulgar? Ask the dead mother fuckin 1 million or more Iraqi’s we’ve killed and whose blood is on the hands of the fuckin machine who DID this shit?

    Vulgar? Read the history of our shit since post Dien Bien Phu, in ’52. Read the history of how we used smallpox diseased blankets to enable our Manifest Destiny!!!!

    Vulgar? We ARE fuckin vulgar, and MANY of us are FUCKIN TIRED OF IT YOU ASSHAT!!! We’re vulgar cuz playin nice has only fucked US up, and has fucked up the entire planet!!! What part of that don’t you get?

    So fuck you anon . . . come out with a name ya shit and deal with us up front, or go back to your closet in your mom’s house and continue to whack yerself off without lubricant, cuz you don’t know shat about reality . . .

    We are the meteor, you are the dinosaur . . . *G*

    To PF, and all the regulars in here, sorry but I had that stored up deep for a while . . . if it’s wrong, PF, delete it . . . again, if not good my bad . . . grrrr. . . . arrrggghhh . . . choke and spit up a little . . . .

  8. Anonymous says

    The vulgarity is not a measure of anger or virtue. It’s simply an indication of your (collective) inability to express yourself.

  9. says

    The vulgarity is not a measure of anger or virtue. It’s simply an indication of your (collective) inability to express yourself.

    Good point, you motherfucking douchehound.

  10. says

    Gods I get so tired of tight-assed fuckwads who insist that anger and outrage shouldn’t manifest itself, or that profanity or vulgarity in language aren’t appropriate means of expression. It’s just another way of saying “I’ll only listen to your points if you tell them to me the way I want you to, nyah nyah”.
    We’re expressing ourselves just fine, Anon, haven’t you been reading? The word FUCK doesn’t make what PhysioProf’s saying any less valid or any less outraged! I’m assuming you’ve seen dirty words in print before, so suck it up and quit acting like you’re above all us pottymouths- next you’ll be saying “nobody’ll want to marry you if you keep up this foul language”.

  11. says

    I smell a multi-billion $$$$$$ class-action civil suit against the mutherfukin REproblicans. Before they gang raped the Constitution, clusterfucked the ejimacajum system wit dere wizard idears about shit they don’t know shit about, fubared everything they touched, demonized everything they couldn’t control, fouled the works and shit the bed, I was an eloquent, debonair man about town with serious vocabulary skills.

    I had a Phuckin Ph fuckin D! For fucks sake. Now look at what I’ve become! The spittle and foam constantly emanating from my oral orifice scares the little children. I have trouble putting two fucking sentences in succession without typing FUCK the Fucking Fuckers!

    This sack of lyin’ bastards and their dimwitted distinquished colleagues lolling and rolling around in lobbyist facilitated fecund pools of corporate cash extracted from the disbelief suspended fools who believed their fucking bullshit and let them give away the store.

    But yah, civil discourse is what’s lacking these days.

  12. Brian says

    Good point, you motherfucking douchehound.

    Ah, le bon mot.

    That was sheer brilliance. Incidentally, I mean you no insult (on Zuska’s blog), I just fucking think what you fucking say is fucking wrong there. I’m just sayin’, is all.

  13. Eric says

    if the dam ndp lib and Quebec parties get in power it is time for a revolution in this country . having the east rule over the west is ridicluious

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