Posted At Feministe: Teh Laydeez Are So Cute When They Try To Blog

Snippet of this post:

The fucking New York Times strikes again with their abysmal coverage of issues relating to women’s activities in the public sphere. In this article entitled “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling”, Kara Jessela covers the BlogHer conference held last week in San Francisco, California.

First of all, does it surpries you one fucking bit that this article–about the business activites of women bloggers–is in the Fashion/Style section of the Times? Cause you know, anything women do is all about fashion and style, it’s not real manly-man shit like business and sports and technology.

Read the whole fucking thing!


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    Oh yeah, those same commenters don’t realize the only way to fix the political system in this country is through some kind of revolution, maybe even a violent one. Making nicey nice with republicans aint gonna do it.

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    i am glad you read the times for me. every day i say to myself — how glad am i that i dont read that rag anymore — ever since the bill kristol hire. i figure i have savedover $200 so far

    and i am none the wiser


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