Project Runway Discussion Thread: 7/23/08

Of the three worst designs, I thought they were all equally crappy, and didn’t really see much distinction among them. Of the three best, I thought the high-necked slender dress was the best, and should have won. I thought the asymmetrical laced-sided dress was second best, and the cut-up slices dress–which won–should have been third.

I was particularly impressed with the ability of the “leathuh” designer to transcend her apparent single-minded focus on laced-up leather rock-and-roll clothes.



  1. juniorprof says

    I don’t know dude, the slender high necked dress was a good one but that slices dress was pretty remarkable if you ask me. I’m not a fan of the asymmetrical dress at all.

  2. says

    I, for one, am not missing Mr. Short Pants. Glad leather girl got a little glory, but I would have put her in the bottom of the top three (frankly, I thought some others were better, but the fit or stitching must have been bad-ass). I woulda gone for the high collar as the winner, myself…

  3. says

    I actually like the sliced dress most as an individual piece. The high-necked dress was lovely, but not nearly as distinctive. OTOH, actually manufacturing that piecework bodice will be a nightmare. The simpler dress is considerably more commercial.

    Kudos to leather-girl, though. She really did manage to turn out a credible dress from a rocky start.

  4. says

    lalalalalala I’m not listening, I don’t have a TV and I can’t watch it until I get it online…

    So many scientists like Project Runway. Is it because we wish watching our creative process was less boring for TV, and had more boobs and hairdos involved?

  5. Abby says

    The high collared dress was beautiful, but too much like Christian and Chris’s ready-to-wear piece in the couture challenge last time. That’s all I kept thinking about.

    I didn’t like how Stella completely disregarded her model’s opinion…wasn’t that the point of the challenge? It looked like a biker chick dress, just in a satiny fabric instead of leather. I forsee a one-trick pony.

    I was pleasantly surprised with Suede’s dress…in the middle of the episode I thought it would definitely be a hot mess, but it turned out really cool. Agree with Perpetual Beginner that it’s probably hard to mass produce.

  6. juniorprof says

    Arlenna, I enjoy Project Runway largely because I considered leaving (or never entering) biomedical science in favor of pursuing a fashion design career. I ultimately decided that fashion design would have been a fun career but an incredibly difficult road to success. The show allows me to live vicariously I suppose. Mrs. Juniorprof likes it too, which can’t hurt.

  7. Ramblin Rabbit says

    I thought that Nina saying that a tight short shiny dress was the best way to make someone look cheap was a weird transition from the eliminated designer’s dress to the asymmetrical one. I thought the asymmetrical one was really dated and cheap looking and should never have been in the top three. Suede’s turned out better than I thought it would, but I was totally surprised it won, it would be a nightmare to manufacture for bluefly.

  8. Editor says

    If one did a meta-analysis of all the Project Runway results over the years, which designer would emerge as being significant at the p<.05 level?

    Christian was a clear winner last season, and seems like he may be the only one to make it big. I’m not impressed thus far with the new crop. Nope, not even Suede.

    If you wanna, you can take a look at my Project Runway comments at If you have kids or are around kids, you might be able to appreciate the content.

  9. says

    I love it for watching people make things. I love clothes, and I also like making them although I don’t have the patience for the detail work. I made many a Barbie Couture outfit as a kid. I also like seeing people get some harsh reality advice and watching them learn how to channel themselves better (or not, whichever happens).

  10. Danielle says

    Sorry, Dude. That asymmetrical dress screamed ‘extra from a Journey video’. I kept expecting Separate Ways to be blasted in the background.

    I thought Jerell’s blue dress with the fringe was the most high fashion. Overall, though, it was a disappointing showing. I hope these designers get better.

  11. says

    I was pretty disappointed with the dresses as a whole. Especially Korto’s. I wanted to reach through the screen and shake her, screaming ‘remember that beautifully unstructured kimono awesomeness! do that!!’ Woman cannot make a structured bodice to save her life. In all, those clothes were something I expected to be at JC Penny’s in their ‘edgy’ section, so mildly disappointing.


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