Posted At Feministe: Foul Festering Rot At The Heart Of America

Snippet of this new post:

There is a foul festering rotten core at the heart of the American polity. This core is comprised of pure undiluted hatred: for women, for anyone of non-European origins, for foreigners, for non-Christians, for “intellectual elites”, for pretty much everyone. This core has its roots in American slavery and has existed as a defining element of our polity since the Founding.

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  1. larue says

    Hoss, yer linky’s to Teh Femi are just not copasetic.

    Shit don’t work . . . ‘sup?

  2. larue says

    Thanks, got in tonite . . whew, some seriously screwed up folks on that site, passing themselves off as feminists . . . can’t POSSIBLY be that, given their defeatist ‘tudes. Too many dudes claiming the title, and calling you out, too . . . *G*

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