Left-Wing Wackaloon Punditry On The March?

Friend, colleague, and all-around motherfucking cool dude DrugMonkey has the following to say about an expected leftward shift in the ranks of the sycophantic wackaloon douchecornet pundit class:

now that we are exiting the era of idiot milquetoast pseudo left punching bags as “balance” on the right wing wackaloon punditard teevee shows, the question arises. who shall become the idiot milquetoast pseudo right punching bag for the soon-to-come left wing wackaloon punditard shows?


I’m not really seeing any evidence of a genuine leftward shift in the character of our morally depraved intellectually decrepit mainstream pundit-laden media. What the fuck is DrugMonkey talking about?


  1. says

    You will always see things differently. It’s a curse.
    You try to make sense out of nonsense. It’s a waste.

    The “we tell you what it means” market is attempting to reformulate its packaging; not its content.
    Its content remains decidedly self-serving.
    If 99.9% of the “news” doesn’t facilitate a heated discussion, count on the MSM to blow the 0.1% completely out of proportion. The more heated their panel can become the better. Don’t take my word for it, apply it for yourself.

    While we’re sputtering on the verge of incoherency trying to point out the OBVIOUSNESS of the attempted distraction, folks are dazzled by the luminaries, graphics and scroll.

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