BLOGGER Sucks My Dick

Whoever at Google came up with that fucking Salvador Dali anti-spam wacky letter shit deserves to burn in the deepest hottest fires of hell! Look, not everyone is 25 fucking years old, with 25 fucking year-old eyes! That shit is a headache-inducing pain in my fucking ass to read!

It’s getting to the point where I might just stop fucking commenting on Blogger blogs that use that crap. It sucks my fucking dick!!! WordPress doesn’t use that stupid shit, and I don’t see anybody complaining that WordPress blogs are somehow more subject to spam than Blogger.

And as long as we’re comparing Blogger and WordPress: Yo! How fucking nasty shitty kludgy is the Blogger commenting system? You gotta pop into a new browser window/tab with a totally non-integrated interface to make and (frequently, but not always) read comments? WordPress has beautiful integrated comments! C’mon, you’re fucking Google! Figure this shit out!


Response From Dunkin Donuts To Skippy

If you’ve been alive for the past week, you’ve heard about the Rachael Ray jihadi scarf incident. So Skippy The Bush Kangaroo wrote to Dunkin Donuts to complain that they pulled the Rachael Ray ad in response to the insane wackaloon bleating of demented nutjobs like Michelle Malkin and her hordes of gibbering goofaloons. In response he received the following:

thank you for sharing your comments. we always appreciate hearing from our customers. the intent of the online ad featuring rachael ray wearing a paisley silk scarf was to promote iced coffee. given the surprising and truly unfortunate interpretation of this ad from some of our consumers, we decided to pull the ad and replace it with another as it is no longer serving its intended purpose, which was to simply promote our iced coffee—nothing more, nothing less.

at dunkin’ donuts, we value all of our customers and remain steadfastly committed to making your experiences with us both memorable and pleasant. thank you, again, for making us aware of your concerns; it is appreciated.

Below the fold is what they would have responded with if they were honest. [Read more…]

Steve Gilliard (November 13, 1964 – June 2, 2007)

This post memorializes Steve Gilliard on the first anniversary of his death. I did not know him personally, and had never heard of him until his death, which was right around the time I first discovered the existence of the liberal blogosphere. My personal connection to him is as what you might call a bloggrandson: Driftglass started as a commenter on Steve’s blog and was prodded by Steve into independence, and I started as a commenter on Driftglass’s blog and was prodded by Driftglass into independence. My deepest sympathies to those who knew Steve personally and my deepest thanks to him for being such a huge formative influence on the liberal blogosphere.

Misunderestimation Of The Depraved Sick-Fuck Right-Wing

I have noticed a few very confused ideas floating around blogtopia (anybody have any fucking clue who coined that word?) concerning the intrinsic nature of the depraved sick-fuck right-wing faction that has controlled the Republican Party for the last 40 years. So I figured, what the fuck, let’s write a motherfucking blog post!

These ideas relate to the notion that the right-wing is not only sick and morally depraved, but that it operates impulsively and without self-control. This is a very, very wrong, and very, very dangerous conclusion; it is one that will come back to bite the left right on the fucking ass if we don’t wake the fuck up. [Read more…]