Announcement: PhysioProf Guest-Blogging At Feministe

PhysioProf will be guest-blogging at Feministe for a two-week stint July 13 through July 26. I am one of a lineup of totally fucking awesome bloggers who will all be guest-blogging at Feministe this summer, starting June 22 and going through September 13.

So check it the fuck out! And don’t worry. I’ll remind you when it’s my turn! And if anyone’s got ideas for me to blog about, consider this an open thread for brainstorming!

War Is Not A Fucking Video Game

The degenerate sick-fuck right-wing scumbags that have been running this country into the fucking gutter for the last forty years have used war as a powerful tool for enacting their greedy depraved neo-feudal schemes. Unfortunately for the normal human beings who have to share the globe with these pieces of shit, war has some pretty fucking horrible consequences, some of which Revere and Alicia Morgan (among many others, of course) have recently been focusing on.

Follow those links to see what I’m talking about, because I am not going to focus specifically on the horrors of war in this post. Rather, I want to say something about right-wing war propaganda. [Read more…]

Gay Marriage: Boon Or Scourge?

There are two posts up at Feministe containing some very interesting discussion of the gay marriages that are now occurring in California. The first post is a simple unqualified congratulations to those now able to get married:

Congratulations to…all the…couples today and hereafter who will be afforded the basic right to marry the person they love, regardless of gender.

The second post expresses a less celebratory view:

[T]he marriage equality movement is largely predicated on the notion that us queers are just like “everyone else,” meaning mostly white, mostly middle-class or up, gender conforming monogamists. You know, the non-threatening queers. The rest of us should apparently find a nice closet to go hide in for a while, lest we threaten the rights that are apparently meant for the more upstanding, respectable members of the LGsomeotherlessimportantletters community.

I’ll tell you what the fuck I think below the fold. [Read more…]

Tim Russert Dies

It’s a shame when someone dies prematurely, and leaves behind friends, family, and colleagues who cared for, and will miss, him or her.

It’s also a shame when someone uses a prominent position of influence to the overall detriment of our polity.

How’s that for evenhanded?

Wackaloon Fucking Cat Foibles

OK. Here is today’s feline evolutionary psychology exercise.

Why the fuck do cats pay so much fucking attention to sweaty shoes? Like put their feet in them and prod the insole. Stick their fucking nose inside and sniff all around. Mash the back of their fucking heads in there. And then, for the piece de resistance: Plop their fat fucking ass on the shoe and incubate it like a fucking egg!

Why? Why do they do this? What wackaloon crazy shit is going through their minds!?!? Tell me!!!!!hb

What Kind Of Wackaloon Fucking Nutjob Wants To Be President, Anyway?

Think about what it takes to become President of the United States. You gotta spend your adult life begging rich assholes for money. You live under a microscope, with every action, comment, mistake, peccadillo of your entire life subject to rage, ridicule, and misconstrual. You have to basically lie through your teeth all fucking day every fucking day for years on end about what you will accomplish once you are President: cure disease, fix the economy, achieve world peace, protect the nation from all disasters, comfort the bereft, and convince God to hook us the fuck up.

And what do you get in return? [Read more…]

Sick-Fuck Republican Assholes Go “Waah!”

Apparently some major-league sick-fuck right-wing scumbag Republican Party apparatchiks are not happy with the effect the Bush administration and its political mastermind, Karl Rove, has had on the Republican Party brand:

“Every Republican I know looks at the Bush administration as a total failure,” said Matt Towery, chairman of Newt Gingrich’s political organization.

“To do what he did politically to us is unforgivable,” Rep. Tom Tancredo told Alexander. “It will take generations to recover. I don’t know how long; maybe never.”

“I think the legacy is that Karl Rove will be a name that’ll be used for a long, long time as an example of how not to do it,” said long-time GOP strategist Ed Rollins.

Cite. (h/t First Draft, via Alternate Brain)

What a fucking load of hypocritical self-serving bullshit. (Not that we’d expect anything less from despicable sewer-dwelling moral degenerates like Towery, Tancredo, and Rollins.) [Read more…]

More Wackaloon Fucking Cat Foibles

As long as we’re engaging the evolutionary fucking psychology of feline fuck-ups, can someone please explain to me why cats are obsessed with knocking little objects off of big objects? I demand explanations that relate back to their lives in the early days of domestication in ancient Egypt (or whenandwhereverthefuck).

Note To Democrats: Calm The Fuck Down!

All kinds of hand-wringing and sweaty-brow-mopping is going on in Blogtopia (who the fuck came up with that stupid word, anyway?) right now concerning the Clinton supporters who are going to RUIN EVERYTHING and SABOTAGE the Obama campaign by VOTING FOR JOHN McCAIN!!!!1111!!!!!111!111!!1 OH NOES!!!11!!1!

Gimmee a fucking break. This is total nonsense, and PhysioProf’s gonna break it down for you below the fucking fold! [Read more…]