George Carlin Is Dead

It is sad news that George Carlin has died. His mordant wit, disdain for bullshit, and penetrating insight into social and political wackaloonery have been an inspiration to many. Of course, he would have mocked the shit out of anyone who melodramatically mourned his passing.

Some of his best work pierced the conceits and deflated the overweening self-centeredness of those who mourn the deaths of public figures they never even met. He would be disgusted if his own death were subject to the kind of arrogant starfucking me! me! me! fake-ass public self-aggrandizing “mourning” garbaggio that Tim Russert’s death inspired.

Adios motherfucker!!


  1. says

    Contemplating his dirtnap, George smirks slightly in almost a smile.
    “HEY! A few of them actually GOT IT! Not enough, but some. Fuck, That’s something ain’t it?”

  2. TexasSkeptic says

    George Carlin has died. Aw, shit-fuck-cunt-piss- cocksucker-motherfucker-tits.

    Well, somebody had to say it.

  3. larue says

    I couldnt’ve said it better muhself, TexasSkeptic.

    And thanks to PhysioP, Busted Knucks, A Bike Monkey or two, and RawRahs for THEIR respect and honor to The Hippy Dippy Weather Man, whose best routine I thought was STUFF.

    Not the best version and it leaves out the final final “I got stuff, you got shit.”

    Carlin knew the dif between our stuff and other folks shit.

    He just knew . . *G*


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