Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?

I have had it up to here with Democrats falling for fake-ass “former Clinton supporters” talking about how Obama is a terrorist or some such batshit fucking wackaloonery, and concluding that the Democratic Party is “fracturing”, or some such bullshit. Hello, people!!!!!! This is textbook right-wing ratfuckery!!!! Try not to be such motherfucking rubes!


(h/t Stranger Fruit.)

Maureen Dowd Makes Me Projectile Fucking Vomit

Mike the Mad Biologist unfortunately directed my attention to Maureen Dowd’s column today, which includes this passage:

Conservatives love playing this little game, acting as if the “elite” Democratic candidates are not in touch with people like themselves, even though the guys doing the attacking — like Rove, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Hannity — are wealthy and cosseted. Haven’t we had enough of this hypocritical comedy of people in the elite disowning their social status for political purposes?

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George Carlin Is Dead

It is sad news that George Carlin has died. His mordant wit, disdain for bullshit, and penetrating insight into social and political wackaloonery have been an inspiration to many. Of course, he would have mocked the shit out of anyone who melodramatically mourned his passing.

Some of his best work pierced the conceits and deflated the overweening self-centeredness of those who mourn the deaths of public figures they never even met. He would be disgusted if his own death were subject to the kind of arrogant starfucking me! me! me! fake-ass public self-aggrandizing “mourning” garbaggio that Tim Russert’s death inspired.

Adios motherfucker!!

It’s Time To Replace “Below The Fold”

I am really sick and fucking tired of using and reading “below the fold” to refer to the rest of a blog post that we dastardly bloggers force you hapless readers to click through to, so that we can record your motherfucking mouse click! So I’ve got a proposal: How about instead of exhorting our readers to continue reading our scintillating missives “below the fold”, we tell them to keep reading “inside the crack”? That would be totally fucking hilarious!!

More of my thoughts on this essential advance in blogging technology are inside the crack! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! [Read more…]

PZ Myers Calls Depraved Theocratic Douchecornet “Wackaloon”, Hilarity Ensues

Huge massive swinging dick atheist blogger PZ Myers referred to depraved theocratic douchecornet Ken Ham as “chief wackaloon” of his wacked-out cosmic sky fairy fantasy outfit, and Ham is vewy, vewy angwy:

Notice how these evolutionists use such emotive language and name calling (e.g., “wackaloon”)—very academic, scientific arguments!

People like PZ Myers are those who call for tolerance—but their intolerance for Christians illustrates clearly the spiritual nature of this battle—otherwise, why would they care?

If these deranged motherfuckers weren’t so deadset on destroying the fruits of the Rational Enlightenment and bringing us back to the Dark Ages, they’d be totally fucking hilarious.

Ableist Slurs Of The Mentally Disabled (UPDATED)

Jill just posted something at Feministe that, for reasons that will be obvious, has me thinking very hard:

I often use words like “crazy,” “insane,” and “nutbag” to describe people whose views I think I bizarre, illogical or bigoted. But as Tekanji points out, words mean things. And while words like “crazy” are pretty steeped in my vocabulary, it really isn’t all that hard to make an effort to purge them. Consider this Step 1.

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