Brief Blogging Hiatus

Academic realities intrude, and I may be unable to fucking post until this Friday.


  1. larue says

    I’m goin HERE on Tuesday, so I physiophuckin don’t care!!

    Evergreen Lodge prefest and postfest on Monday, for detox.

    6 days of constant jams (dobro/mando) with people I’ve come to know since Fall ’01. 5 thousand of my best friends inside to jam, party and sip and sup with till the sun comes up.

    Oh, and all that stage music, too . . . *G*

    4,100ft just outside Yosemite Valley off 120.

    The LOVELY Sierra Nevada! Temps in mid 60’s to mid 70’s while THISgodforsakenvalleythattimeforgot bakes itself into hard clay.

    Home TUESDAY, after the insane traffic is done.


    Y’all play nice, now, y’heah!

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