Knitters Are Wonderful Generous People!!!11!1ELEVENTY!11!1!

The first wool beanie being made for me by members of the Lazy, Stupid & Godless knitter conspiracy is now complete! Many thanks to wonderful generous Lab Cat (cdavies) for this beautiful wool beanie!

How fucking awesome are the cables!? It’s like an Irish fisherman’s sweater. I am very touched by this kind and affectionate act. More photos are below the fold.

Here is the template for a less elegant, but more festive design:


  1. says

    Thank you. I am wonderful. And generous.

    And I totally love you PhysioProf.

    So I guess I fulfill all the specs for being a knitter.

    Oh, that and the fact I knit…

  2. says

    ? I’m missing something

    You have to start somewhere. I’ve been knitting over 30 years (man that fucking ages me).

    Dishcloths are fun. Make enough of them and you can sew them together to make a blanket. Or keep going and make a scarf.

  3. larue says

    Good lord, that’s the ugliest wool hat I’ve ever seen.

    And I wore a few of them in the high sierra’s above 12,000 ft.

    I wouldn’t wear that chapeau at a fest, at seal level.

    Bloody ugly.

    Sorry. Calls them as is.


  4. littlem says

    (TWEEEET) Offensive foul: Obscure punning. Loss of down, replay last play, fifteen yard penalty.

    *laughs till she cries*


    *tosses yellow flag in solidarity*

  5. says

    Thanks Cat….. I learned to knit over 40 years ago from my mom and aunt. And I just never kept up with it. Then, when I was moving I found an old gift from my aunt…. needles, yarn and pattern…. the dishcloth. Funny how it all came back. Its just a straigt knit though, not fancy. But I use them and give them away some so that’s fun.

    They were life long knitters and my auntie of austin had a group of ladies …. the stitch and bitch group who hatched “plans” for local schools pta’s and fundraising with quilts and newborn layettes for those who didn’t have any during their stitching. Rowdy bunch too:D

    PhysioProf will wear this proudly I’m sure!!! You knitters do fucking rock! :-)

  6. larue says

    Ok, well, maybe as a beret. Maybe.
    In a movie shoot for Prince’s Raspberry Parade.

    Yes, nice fundamentals, and whatever else is involved in knitting basics and artiste.


    Gimme some earth tones, and mixed colors, please.

    Solid is SO passe. Even in pop art knitting.


    Lovely plumage, though . . . ;-)

  7. littlem says

    In a movie shoot for Prince’s Raspberry Parade.


    One would don the raspberry beret.
    In Christopher Tracy’s parade.
    In the purple RAIN.

    Offensive foul: Charging and unnecessary roughness. Gross mishandling of artist catalogue and color wheel. Loss of down. Twenty yard penalty.

  8. says

    It isn’t purple – it is plum.

    Computers totally destroy color.

    Earth tones are so dull.

    You want fucking multicolored knitting here is some. I’m the fucking color knitting QUEEN.

    I chose a solid color ‘cos I thought PhysioProf would prefer it.

  9. says

    Don’t listen to any grumpazoidal bitching about the hat. It’s fucking beautiful! Some people are just jealous of the good fortune of others.

  10. says

    Earth tones drool.

    Love the plum!

    Ya know, something like 50% of the body’s heat is lost through the head.

    You’ll love it even more next winter.

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