Babyblabber Update: Maudlin Bloggers Need To Sack Up

ScienceBloggers and science bloggers should give the little Babyblab fuckers a break. No need to consign them to the deepest pits of hell just because they played a prank. Yeah, they’re fucking immature douchewheels. So what? There’s no need to go getting all maudlin and shit. It’s not like they’re sick-fuck right-wing theocrat bastard wackaloons or something.

Young whelps lash out at their elders. Their elders kick said young whelps back to the curb. Thus has it always been in the past; thus shall it always be in the future.

UPDATE: Outraged Babyblab commenter Matt Penfold got down to some serious fucking wackaloonery over there:

Since the original post was intended to be an socialogical experiment the issue of informed consent of the participants comes up. It is that ethical issue you, and the author, either cannot or will not acknowledge.

As for your claim that an apology has been issued, you are not being honest. An apology has been made for anyone who thinks they were insulted, but an apology for actually being insulting and an acknowledgement that the author libelled other bloggers and set up an experiment without getting prior consent of the participants.

I called on the owners of this blog to make such an apology. They have refused. As far as I concerned lets me know that they are not professional, not honest (not even would be scientists I hope, let us all hope they fail to get their PhDs) and do not know what integrity is.

Holy fucking moly!


  1. says

    Hey man, I went so far as to compliment them on starting the Cancer Research Blog Carnival.

    I’m glad blogs didn’t exist when I was a grad student because I’d hate to look back on how much I might’ve been like that gang.

    For a guy who gets shit about being vulgar, your vocabulary is well above mine – I had to look up maudlin. Crappy liberal arts training.

  2. says

    PhysioProf I do not think you understand the seriousness of the situation here – there are TROLLS on our SCIENCE INTERNETS!

  3. says

    HA Ha Ha HA!

    Good one cgsmks, with a little work the fucker just might get there.
    PhysioProf, Good mornin’ to ya, ya shit disturbin miscreant!
    Never forget the old saying,”Old age and treachery will win over youth and vigor every time.”
    Tell the little whippersnappers to get the fuck off yer lawn.

  4. says

    Your jeering repartee made me spray douche water all over my keyboard like the asshole of a hippo in rut. Perhaps old age and flaccidity is compensated by a growing, throbbing ego. When someone on the internet is being a self-coproscopic pretentious troll, there is nothing like the wisdom gained from hours of getting up during the night trying to urinate through an inflated prostate.

  5. bikemonkey says

    awwwwww, innit cute… the little choadchowdering smegsnugglers have a sense of humor!

    and you thought there was no hope for the kidz these days…

    think the little skidmarks bother to vote?

  6. bikemonkey says

    whoa, this Penfield fart needs some roughage. “fail to get their PHDs”? like that’s some kinda fucking penalty…

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