Shorter Bayblab

Shorter Bayblab: “Those ScienceBlogs bastards! How dare they get paid to write entertainingly while we just sit here giving each other reacharounds!”


  1. says

    It’s hard to give reacharounds while sitting down and typing fucking good posts. Trying desperately to be confrontational by resorting to using fuck in every post title suggests that your reacharounds are lonely. Besides, the bayblab members prefer trombones.

  2. bikemonkey says

    rob, you juvenile cumstain, the fucking beauty of this blog is that it is neither devoted to the fuckwittery of the onanical abattoir that is our political scene, the onanical daycare center for dateless acne clad grad students nor the onanical pomposity of the Borg to which you object.

    Oh no. Those are all just appearances. True, purile halfwitted science jock-sniffers may not grasp this at first but if you step your ass in, chill the fuck out and look around it will be obvious.

    Physioprof the blog, my friend, is devoted to fucking education!

    Oh yes.

    The rhetorical arts have stagnated for far, far, far to fucking long and the blogosphere is blessed to have a most fucking excellent new professor of expression.

  3. says

    Fuck. I can’t believe I forgot to title this: “Shorter Fucking Bayblab”.

    I’m going to have some fucking explaining to do to some of my hardcore readers.


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