Friday’s Shorter George Bush

George Bush to Congress:

If you don’t become complicit with me in violating the 4th Amemndment, there is going to be a double-9/11, American citizens are going to DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!!!!!! at the hands of the Islamofascist hordes, and it’ll all be all your fault.

It’s nice to see that finally the vast majority of Americans aren’t buying Bush’s despicable lies. Congress needs to take fucking heed.


  1. says

    Why should congress, especially Democrats in congress, take heed? All they have to do is bullshit and flim-flam, they’ll be re-elected forever as a well-paid permanent minority to ensure the people are pacified with the illusion of democracy.

  2. trog69 says

    Good evening, Physioprof.

    Ok, the prof’s got the ‘takin’ names’ part covered. Who’s got ‘Kickin’ ass’?

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