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    lololol He shouldn’t have no mo co-cola. :-O

    I like some nice chamomile tea for times like that, but he made need some oat straw.

    I have a paper and a project due tomorrow but I’m taking a moment to visit here. Sometimes ya jes gotta say fuckit and take a moment.

    Yeah, fuuuuk it…… ……… ………

    Okay, back to work now ;-)

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    Wow. I hadn’t seen that before. I always kinda liked Berman—a genial goof who never took himself too seriously (or so I thought). I do have a problem with that rant tho’….he didn’t go the distance…he didn’t go wayyy back back back back back to “Does Chris B have to smack some biatchez around to get some peace and quiet? See the sign back there? Does it say Monday Night FOOSBALL? No, it says FOOTBALL muthafarkers….so why dontcha have a nice cup of STFU and…..”We’re back, nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills….

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