Welcome to PhysioProf

This is my shiny new blog; still smells like that new car smell. I gotta get some shit set up here: scrape that sticker off the window, put my CDs above the visor, adjust the seats, set the radio to stations I like, and so forth.

Why does this blog exist? Basically, it exists because Driftglass is a pitiless bastard who caved to the caterwauling of certain unsavory elements within his commentariat (Hi, us blues, bustednuckles, blue gal, and you other bastiges!) and threw me, once a fellow commenter happily nestled in the warm Driftglass bosom, back over the transom and out into the cruel blogwilderness.

What is this blog about? This blog is about PhysioProf writing about shit he find interesting, outside the constraints of the scientific and academic writing that pays the fucking bills. (And yes, I will drift back and forth between the first and third person. It makes PhysioProf laugh. Don’t like it; tough shit.)

Topics that I plan on addressing here definitely include politics, media, academia, and other blogs. Topics I may address if I feel the urge include sports, food, and anything else that tickles my fancy. As far as academic issues relating directly to biomedical research goes, I will continue to post my thoughts in that area as a co-blogger at DrugMonkey.

I am still figuring out how to work this WordPress blog thingie: choose a decent skin (or whatever the fuck you call how the blog page lookies), make a blogroll (jesus fucking joseph and mary, I swore I would shoot myself if I ever used the word “blogroll” earnestly in a sentence), and other administrative crapola I used to blithely pawn off on suckers wonderful kind souls like Driftglass and DrugMonkey. Any suggestions for how to deal with this admin shit will be happily considered.

(And for those who have commented on the “Hello World” post that used to be up here, I fucked up already and deleted that whole post, including your comments. Sorry.)

Now step in, sit down, and chill the fuck out!


  1. says

    I had the very first comment too. Oh well, let Drifty have the official spot, it was he who got out the spatula and scraped your ass off the couch.

    Welcome aboard, misery loves company and now we have some.
    I don’t know a fucking thing about WordPress, I am still figuring out Blogger, so good luck with that.Now I will update my post so the link doesn’t come up as a 404.
    Good Luck !!

  2. PhysioProf says

    Thanks. It took me almost an hour to figure out that in order to set up my blogroll I needed to use a “Links” widget. I kept looking for something to click on in the Blogroll section of the control panel. This is like driving a nuclear fucking submarine.

  3. says

    Best of luck with the new endeavor! MovableType is pretty unwieldy, so I cheat…my web team does the programming side of things for me!! I’m spoiled.

  4. says

    Fabulous news both on the new solo blog and that you’ll still be contributing to DrugMonkey – the best of both worlds for your readers. Looking forward to your rants here as well as your thoughtful comments on the whacked life of the academic scientist.


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