Maybe crime is spread through the drinking water?

Royce White is a former professional basketball player who really, really wants to replace our Democratic Senator, Amy Klobuchar. Say what you want about Klobuchar, I don’t think she’s going to be sweating over this race.

White posted a map of the “out-of-control crime” in Minneapolis and said we need to refund the police.

One problem.

White, a 33-year-old retired NBA player who was recently accused of dropping $1,200 of campaign funds at a Miami strip club, appeared to have ripped the graphic from another account on X who had shared it sarcastically. It showed dozens of green dots, which indicated working fountains, and a handful of red and yellow dots, which signified those broken and being repaired across Minneapolis.

Hey, you never know. Maybe he’s like John Snow and the Broad Street Pump — he’s discovered a previously unknown vector for the spread of crime, not cholera, in the city. Unfortunately for that hypothesis, he quickly deleted his tweet, and is now really angry at the people who exposed his foolishness (not to mention his abuse of campaign funds at a strip club.)

You’re a cuck. We’re leaving the plantation, White tweeted at a Minnesota-based reporter, Christopher Ingraham, who pointed out the error. You and your weird liberal buddies read it and weep.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, he’s running for office as a Republican.


  1. says

    Apparently, “leaving the plantation” is a MGTOW phrase. So, he’s even more of a sad little shit than I first thought.

  2. Matt G says

    Ah, the pleasures of life unencumbered by the ethics process (apologies to the Car Talk guys).

  3. Hemidactylus says

    LykeX @2
    No not just men. I’m not familiar with the provenance of the current “plantation” metaphor, but Candace Owens is a prominent popularizer (apologies for this very apt PragerU video):

    This WaPo article didn’t seem paywalled:

    Author and political pundit Armstrong Williams was arguably the most powerful purveyor of the phrase, promoting the notion that the Democratic Party had betrayed black voters for three decades.

    In that article the notion of Blexit is mentioned and Ye’s support for Owen’s adoption of the plantation metaphor. Maybe BGTOW?

  4. Doc Bill says

    College drop out and convicted thief. I’d say he’s more than qualified to be a GOPQ senator.

  5. raven says

    White posted a map of the “out-of-control crime” in Minneapolis and said we need to refund the police.

    Needless to say, that is more of a state and local issue than a Federal issue.

    There is a lot more to the USA than just Minnesota and Minneapolis.

    What does he want the Federal government to do here anyway?
    Federalize the Minnesota National Guard and overthrow the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis?

  6. microraptor says

    raven @6:

    What does he want the Federal government to do here anyway?

    Ban abortion and gender affirming care, obviously.

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    White … said we need to refund the police.

    Does that mean taxpayers can get their money back for the portion spent on law enforcement?

    “You’re a cuck. …,” White tweeted …

    He hasn’t read his MAGA memos – they generally dropped “cuck” from their insult vocabulary after the Becki & Jerry Falwell, Jr./poolboy scandal. No doubt Klobuchar has too much class to bring that up, but no one else needs feel such inhibitions.

  8. Tethys says

    He has zero chance of being elected Senator, and is obviously completely unfit for office. In addition to the allegations of using campaign funds in flying his entire entourage out for partying, fine dining, and strippers, he also has unpaid child support and has recently spouted antisemitism.

    An extremely generous interpretation of his desire to “refund the police” would be referring to rebuilding the 3rd precinct Police Station that was destroyed by (now jailed) out of town thuggalos in the riot 4 years ago.

    Actual crime rates are way down across the US, though the 29 homicides in Minneapolis this year are still too many. Gun control would be more effective at reducing that number than giving the Minneapolis police more funding, or a new station.

  9. lakitha tolbert says

    Refunding hte police assuems they had ever been defunded in the first place.

    At any rate, I keep telling people that Black people don’t vote for Democrats because we love them so much. We vote for them because at least some of them are more likable than none of the Republicans, and even if they do nothing FOR us, they generally don’t do anything TO us either.

    The Democrats may not actually like us very much, (and may be just as corrupt, but appear to be smarter because fewer of them are getting caught), but at least they don’t make it blatantly clear they would like to eradicate us, (and multiple groups of people), from the planet.

    My voting for them isn’t a reward for good behavior. I vote as a means of harm reduction (especially when compared to what the Republicans would do).

  10. Hemidactylus says

    It may be premature for me to link this deep dive critique by FD Signifier of black conservatism as I am far from finished watching it but I have liked the few videos I’ve seen by him so far:

    Seems apropos to this thread. I have no idea how his channel wound up in my feed. I clicked on his video, popping into my rando feed, about white rappers and thought he had an interesting fair-minded and comprehensive take on that so…subscribe. I did watch a Loury video where he interviews Norman Finkelstein. Maybe that triggered the algorithm?

    This might be a second part of an arc?

  11. Akira MacKenzie says

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, he’s running for office as a Republican Uncle Ruckus.


  12. Akira MacKenzie says

    Resident Ex-Republican here: The line “leaving the plantation” is meant to imply that Black Americans are “slaves” to the Democrats; giving them their political support in exchange to laz about in abject poverty, living on welfare. The lie is that if they would just go out and work, support tax breaks and deregulation, behave more like white people (none of that rap music or “promiscuity”), and stop blaming racism for their woes (I.e. leaving the “plantation” of the welfare state) then they’d be be just as well off as whites.

  13. flex says

    @11, Hemidactylus,

    Thanks. Watched the whole thing. I found it worth watching and I wouldn’t have found it on my own.

  14. Hemidactylus says

    flex @15
    NP. I just watched FD’s video on interracial relationships though in which he made some interesting points and introduced me to the ridiculous concepts of hoteps, bunnyhopping, “playing in the snow” (???), and why black people might be down on interracial dating, I wound up feeling very put off, angry, and dragged by his treatment of the topic overall. People of different backgrounds fall in love. Why does it need a deep analytical critique as to why other people feel the way they do about those two people? It was a bit much for me.

  15. StevoR says

    @10. lakitha tolbert : “Refunding hte police assumes they had ever been defunded in the first place.”

    Yes, I wondered about that too. A bit of searching finds :

    ABC Owned Television Stations examined the budgets of more than 100 cities and counties and found that 83% are spending at least 2% more on police in 2022 than in 2019. Of the 109 budgets analyzed, only eight agencies cut police funds by more than 2%, while 91 agencies increased law enforcement funding by at least 2%.In 49 cities or counties, police funding has increased by more than 10%.

    Source :

    Plus :

    During the George Floyd protests of 2020, many people called for the defunding of traditional police. That didn’t happen, for the most part. But almost three years on, some police departments are shrinking anyway.

    A new criminology study of 14 large police departments found most have had an “excess” loss of sworn, full-time officers since 2020, a trend verified in core-city agencies such as the New Orleans Police Department.

    In 2010, NOPD had about 1,500 officers; a decade later, it was at about 1,200. Since 2020, the department is down by another 20% to 944. Despite doubled recruiting efforts, the department continues to shrink.

    “We’re looking at a situation where the department this year has already lost almost 20 officers,” says Jeff Asher, a public safety consultant who tracks the city’s police staffing for the New Orleans City Council. “It really impacts everything. You’re seeing response times that have gone from an average of about 50 minutes for any type of call in 2019 to over two and a half hours last year. And, so far, a little bit worse this year.”

    Source :

    Jim Jordan has a list of cities and figures that features high on the search results that but no sources or other info and then that gets discussed on politiFact here :

    U.S. Rep Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, cited a list compiled by his staff of 21 cities that had proposed fiscal year 2021 funding decreases for police departments. But at least 14 of the cities scaled back the proposed cuts before the budgets were adopted or reversed course the following budget year.

    Source :

    It rates Jordan’s claim as “mostly false” So yeah, basically very little actual police defunding seems tohave taken place in the first place here.

  16. Marissa van Eck says

    All I know is that Satan is going to have to grow a fourth head down in Cocytus to gnaw on Clarence Thomas when his time comes. Maybe this useful idiot will be down there frozen in the ice at some impossible contortionist angle too.

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