Continuing shake-up at AiG

Ken Ham is getting old. He’s been planning his successor, and I commented on the likely guys being brought to the top. The front runner, once upon a time, was his son-in-law, Bodie Hodge, who I called “a blithering goober”, and I couldn’t imagine him being put in charge of a multi-million dollar corporate entity, which is what Answers in Genesis is. We could probably map all the clawing to the top at AiG directly onto that TV show, Succession, except that I haven’t watched it.

Then Ken Ham announced who would get the keys to the Creation “Museum” and the Ark Park, and it wasn’t Bodie. He instead imported an outsider from Australia, Martyn Iles, a slick, polished blithering goober. I wondered at the time how that would go over with the whole gang at AiG, but they weren’t talking. I think Ken maintains an iron fist over his empire.

Now we have a hint to the power struggles within AiG. Bodie Hodge is out! He has set up his own little fiefdom, Biblical Authority Ministries.

Biblical Authority Ministries is solely an outreach of B. Hodge and is not associated with AiG in any way. Though obviously many articles and resources are linked to AiG’s website and materials. Mr. Hodge’s hope is that you will help support AiG and its outreaches by donations, resource sales, and visiting the attractions and also support Biblical Authority Ministries as well as both content for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For a moment, I felt a little pity. Bodie dedicated decades of his life to promoting AiG, and now he has been passed over by his own father-in-law. Yikes. But then I read this bit of his autobiography:

He is a reconstructionist and a known presuppositionalist. This shows in his response style. He grew up being taught dispensational pre-millennialism and historic pre-millennialism but after extensive study has become a post-millennialist (partial pret). He has a heart to answer questions and promote the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Oh. He’s a pretentious blithering goober who talks about himself in the third person and believes in many silly, stupid things. May his ministry crash and burn.


  1. Walter Solomon says

    Hopefully, whoever the successor is runs the entire organization into ground. The Creation Museum could then be turned into a proper museum and the Ark Encounter can become a Great Wolf Lodge or a pirate-themed amusement park.

  2. Walter Solomon says

    I have an idea — The “Creation Museum” could be turned into The Museum of Pseudoscience: A repository of man’s worst ideas. You wouldn’t have to demolish anything or even take down the exhibits. You need only to put up placards explaining why each exhibit is bullshit.

  3. Larry says

    Dispensational pre-millennialism, historic pre-millennialism, or post-millennialist?

    I’m looking for a new cult to occupy some of my free time so I was wondering which of these has the best punch and cookies at their monthly meet & greets?

  4. robro says

    What a load of polysyllables: reconstructionist, presuppositionalist, dispensational pre-millennialism, historic pre-millennialism. I’ll have to live in Wikipedia for a while to figure out what the hell that’s all about…beyond big words for stupid shit. I’ll just leave it at that.

    If you’re feeling sad for Bodie, wonder how his wife, who is Ken’s daughter, must feel about the snub. Imagine the conversations around the Christmas dinner table. May be a little too intense for “Let us pray together for guidance.”

  5. Matt G says

    “…promote the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

    That’s the only part I understood.

  6. Rich Woods says

    “Is it only post-millennial reconstructionist presuppositionalists who go to Heaven, Daddy?”

    Is a question I did not ask as a child.

  7. says

    Must be a lot of infighting going on that’s similar to a lot of infighting that lead to the 2006 schism back then. And likely before that there must have been a lot of infighting happening when Dumb Idiot Ham founded his putrid organization back in 1992. All of the infighting has apparently been kept underwraps by Dumb Idiot Ham who moved all of Heaven and Earth to whitewash everything he and his aids has done over the years in an effort to hide is atrocities from the public eye. It’s clear that Ham is no different than that Stupid Idiot Dump who does the very same thing Ham does to hide his crimes from the world and go after anyone who rightfully expose his corruption wide open.

  8. nomdeplume says

    Yes Bodie is a mad-brained dingbat entirely lacking education but that surely doesn’t disqualify you from heading AiG, in fact I’d have thought they were perfect credentials.

  9. Pierce R. Butler says

    He is a reconstructionist …

    And a damn Kentucky liberal. Us True Americans™ south of Mason-Dixon Line know “Reconstruction” is a dirty word.

  10. robro says

    Pierce R. Butler @ #10

    Us True Americans™ south of Mason-Dixon Line know “Reconstruction” is a dirty word.

    True, and yet a damn Yankee carpet bagger is very popular down yonder…and he’s a New Yorker to boot…living in his big ol’ mansion in Florida. I swear I’ll never figure that one out.

  11. Laura-Lee Rahn says

    I have watched the growth of AiG for 30 years and watched Martyn Iles in his previous role as the head of the Australian Christian Lobby for three years. When the two came together I braced myself for the Explosion. I’m a Young Earth Creationist but also a Behaviorist and a Christian who uses her brain. I know a CULT when I see one and stupid stuff when I hear it. Thanks for your blog, the behind the scenes info and these comments. Helps me to feel less alone. I’ve been blogging about aig, ken & Peeps for a year now. You and your readers might find what I say helpful.

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