Where are my spiders?

I was supposed to get some spiders delivered by FedEx yesterday. They did not arrive. I was charged for overnight delivery, but no delivery, and no notification of a delay from FedEx.

I’m hoping they show up this morning, and I’m not too worried about the health of the spiders. If it were January, I’d assume they were frozen and dead, but the weather has been mild. They’ll just be cranky and hungry.

Worst case, the FedEx delivery guys kicked it around and there’s a warehouse somewhere that has some new residents. Second worst case, there was a misdelivery and some neighbors received an epic surprise. No, really, if you accidentally get a package with my name on it, you should definitely call me before trying to open it.


  1. John Morales says


    If there’s anything that should properly be delivered as soon as possible and merits the ‘urgent’ category, live live specimens definitely fit the bill.

    Perishable goods.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    A weird package ordered by crazy scientist gets delivered to the wrong address – this is the outline of a film! Finance it by internet donations. Try to get Nicholas Cage to play the protagonist.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Before he sent killer androids after Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Doctor Gireou dabbled in arthropod GM. Some of his prototype organisms were lost in the mail…

  4. imback says

    The spiders seemingly took a detour to party in the big city before starting their work stint in your lab.

  5. vereverum says

    “Maybe they’ll get here this afternoon.”

    Unlikely, the pkg will first have to go through the Consolidation and Coordination Hub in Louisiana.
    or, on the other hand (not good, not bad, just other)
    it may have been seized, suspected of containing 50,000 illegal immigrants to vote for Biden.

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    @14: Spurious. If it made it as far as Minneapolis, it is not going back to another FedEx hub.

  7. says

    Tracking: It is now in Willmar, MN.
    They’d better be voting for Biden. Otherwise they’re getting sent straight back to Florida.

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