Arrest those tolerant peaceniks for…something!

Caitlin Flanagan is one of those creepy conservatives who manages to get regularly published in so-called liberal magazines like The New Yorker and The Atlantic, and simultaneously is loved by right-wing free speech warriors. She gets away with saying things like this, somehow.

Dear NYPD: Please, please, please arrest these faculty members, says the free speech warrior.

What, exactly, are these faculty members supposed to be arrested for? Is it for peacefully protecting the rights of minority students to express their political opinions? I thought that’s what we are supposed to do!

I mean, for decades now I’ve let creationists and far-right students state their beliefs in my classroom (of course, I would then tell them they were wrong, and why, but they could speak their minds). It would have been so much simpler if I could have just called campus security on dissenters from my holy opinions and had them hauled away. Do I get to do that now?


  1. birgerjohansson says

    It is so heartwarming that Vladimir Putin and an American conservative have the same attitudes to dissent.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I am sure there must be some brown people in the crowd you can arrest for walking outdoors.

  3. raven says

    What, exactly, are these faculty members supposed to be arrested for?

    For existing and not agreeing with Caitlin Flanagan.

  4. raven says

    I’d never heard of Caitlin Flanagan.
    For good reason.
    She is a loon with nothing coherent to say.
    I tried with Google to find out what she believes in and why and didn’t get very far.

    The Anti-Feminist Mystique – Observer › 2004/06 › the-antifeminist-mysti…

    Jun 7, 2004 — Flanagan is opposed to gay marriage! In fact, she said was not: “The two things I hate most are feminism and homophobia.” She also said she …

    She claims to hate feminism and feminists.
    She claims to be a housewife.
    Meanwhile she also has a job as a prominent writer for several magazines, notably the Atlantic, where she can write about how awful working women are while simultaneously being a working woman.

  5. drickard says

    “It would have been so much simpler if I could have just called campus security on dissenters from my holy opinions and had them hauled away. Do I get to do that now?”
    No! You’re a liberal, PZ. Only Real Americans™ get to use the power of the state to crush dissenters.

  6. muttpupdad says

    If we don’t stop these people with views different to my own, then the commies have won, wait a minute those ex-commies are now my paymaster and I need a new argument quick.

  7. raven says

    Caitlin Flanagan is a loon and an idiot.

    I tried to find out what she believes and I’m still not sure. It’s all vapid and incoherent.
    This example sums it up.


    In her article “How Serfdom Saved the Women’s Movement”, Flanagan challenged the narrative of economic and social liberation of women credited to feminism by accusing middle-class women of succeeding at the expense of foreign nannies and illegal workers who replaced them in mothering roles.

    This is just pure trash. It’s also flat out wrong.

    .1. The vast majority of working women don’t have nannies and servants!!!
    They can’t afford them. In fact, some of those working women are nannies.

    They are working because they have to. A significant percentage are single mothers.

    .2. Creeps like Caitlin Flanagan aren’t real big on facts.

    Even among relatively high-earning Americans, only 3.3 percent employ a nanny. Yet articles about nannies-about nanny diaries or nanny TV shows or whether it’s OK to hire a nanny or how to treat your nanny or resentment of employers by nannies or vice versa-predominate.Feb 4, 2010

    No One Has Nannies-So Can We Please Stop Writing About …
    Slate › human-interest › 2010/02 › no-one-…

    It’s 3.3% of high earning Americans. Not many.

    .3. The lives Flanagan is writing about are a few upper middle class and upper class women living in rich neighborhoods.
    And she is pretending they are representative of the lives of all American women in general, which is absolutely not true.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    Do you want to learn of people dumber and crueller than ‘Flanaghan Who?’ Look no further than UK (crossposted from the infinite thread).

    A Different Bias/Youtube shorts: “Reform UK Reveal Their Evil”
    Not “let them eat cake” but “let them drown”. A modest proposal…if they aren’t too rotten when they float ashore we can make Soylent Green.

  9. says

    There are exactly fifty-seven card-carrying members of the Communist Party in the United States Senate at this time!

  10. christoph says

    Pro Palestinian protests are happening at several universities nationwide after what happened at Columbia U. Kinda gives me hope.

  11. magistramarla says

    I need to call my daughter. Her husband is a faculty member at NYU, and I’m willing to bet that he was standing there!

  12. says

    On the one hand, my snark @12 was a quote from The Manchurian Candidate (substituting “United States Senate” for “Department of State”)… and the number “57” came from looking at a bottle of Heinz ketchup (in the film). I would have done the whole “Have you no decency, sir?” speech, but I think we already know the answer to that.

    On the other hand, “better dead than Red State”. We won’t get into the whole “right-wing socialist revolutionaries versus left-wing socialist revolutionaries” bit from 1917 to 1923, nor the question of what the label “communist” hides regarding Stalin and Putin.

  13. jo1storm says

    Somehow reminds me of the time students peacefully protested against Slobodan Milošević during the 90s, waving World War II slogans that said “Death to fascism, freedom for the people”. Slogan that communist party, of which Milošević’s socialist party of Serbia (SPS) was direct political inheritor, made famous and widespread, a rallying cry for freedom during the war. Dictator Milošević ordered them and then got them arrested. Kind of telling on yourself, mate?

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