The Republican descent into insanity continues

Would believe they’re afraid that people are filling their lettuce with vaccines? Publish one little paper suggesting that plant tissue could be a source of pharmaceutical mRNA, and some right-wing dingbat immediately assumes that there’s a nefarious plan afoot to inoculate good god-fearing anti-vaxxers with stuff that might make them resistant to disease. We’d never do that! Besides, it would be pointless to use lettuce as a vector, since we all know they only eat red meat. Or, it was red until they cooked it to the texture of shoe leather. (Ooh, sudden thought…maybe we could smuggle mystery chemicals into their food via ketchup.)

Getting into more serious territory, Louisiana, the worst state in the union by nearly all metrics, now wants to criminalize the American Library Association. They must really hate the ALA, because this is what the law proposes.

A. No public official or employee shall appropriate, allocate, reimburse, or otherwise or in any way expend public funds to or with the American Library Association or its successor.
B. No public employee shall request or receive reimbursement or remuneration in any form for continuing education or for attending a conference if the continuing education or conference was sponsored or conducted, in whole or in part, by the American Library Association or its successor.
C. Whoever violates this Section shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars or be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than two years, or both.

It’s not clear what has pissed off the Republican sponsors so much that they would sentence librarians to hard labor for joining the organization. It’s probably because the ALA opposes book banning and endorses literacy.

The big surprise this week is Arizona. The Republicans have a one seat majority in the Arizona house and senate, and they used it to pass a near-total ban on abortion. They got the assistance of the looney-tunes Arizona Supreme Court.

Arizona’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the state’s 1864 law banning all abortions, except to save the life of the mother, is now, enforceably, the law of the land. It is now a felony for a doctor—or anyone else—to assist a woman getting an abortion, punishable by two to five years in prison.

Arizona is a microcosm of what America would look like if the Republicans grab just a few more seats. There’s more that they have accomplished!

For example, the GOP-led legislature recently passed House Bill 2843 that would allow property owners to shoot and kill undocumented immigrants who simply walk across their property. This followed a border property owner’s arrest after he allegedly shot and killed an undocumented migrant walking on his land. Gov. Hobbs vetoed the bill this week.

Also this week, some MAGA legislative extremists were rolling on the Senate floor and speaking in tongues as they prayed for their bills to pass.

Of course, there’s also the usual Biblical shenanigans.

With a one-seat Republican majority in both the House and Senate, the legislature recently passed a bill that will allow teachers in public and charter K-12 schools to post and read the Ten Commandments in class.

The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Anthony Kern—a candidate for the U.S. Congress, currently under investigation as one of Donald Trump’s “fake electors” that falsely asserted Trump won the state in 2020—now moves to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ desk, where a veto is expected.

Imagine if the federal government were under the thumb of the holy rollers and racists and know-nothings — they’re close to a perfectly legal take-over.

I hope you’re all planning to vote in November.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    When King Canute (Knut the Great) ordered the tide to stay out, it was a symbolical way of showing the futility of regal power. When 45 and his ilk do it, they are completely serious.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Would believe they’re afraid that people are filling their lettuce with vaccines?

    No, but it’s a great idea, nevertheless.

    I hope you’re all planning to vote in November.

    Yeah, yeah! I’ll vote for your precious two-faced-centrist, Catholic, old fart! At least give me the luxury of resenting the fact that the only choice we have in this shithole country of greed and superstition are two fucking capitalists pigs, one being only slightly more tolerable than the other. You won’t even let us call out Biden’s hypocrisies and short coming for fear it will re-elect trump and kill all the baby faires in Neverland.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Ugh… never comment before coffee:

    Edit: You won’t even let us call out Biden’s hypocrisies and short-comings for fear it will re-elect Trump and kill all the baby fairies in Neverland.

  4. dbinmn says

    So they do rely on vaccines! Representative Scott Cepicky, “in the cattle industry with Aureomycin—we weren’t dosing our cattle properly and the horn flies were developing an immunity to it. If we don’t have the proper dosage of the vaccine, it could lead to the efficacy of that drug not working anymore,

  5. Bruce says

    If reading the Ten Commandments in school is legal, does that mean that teachers can teach the children that god hates cheeseburgers, so if they have parents who ever let them have a cheeseburger, then those parents are doomed to an agonizing hell? If the school cafeteria has ever served meat with cheese or cream, then the state thinks they are sending all the kids to hell. Damned inspiring.

  6. neabinorb says

    The current president of ALA is a self-identified marxist lesbian. I think that explains it.

  7. billseymour says

    Akira MacKenzie beat me to it:

    I’ll vote for your precious two-faced-centrist, Catholic, old fart!  At least give me the luxury of resenting the fact that the only choice we have in this shithole country of greed and superstition …

    I doubt that my vote will matter much, though.  I live in Missouri’s Second Congressional District, after the last redistricting a solid red district in what has become a solid red state.  It’s pretty depressing, actually.

  8. raven says

    For example, the GOP-led legislature recently passed House Bill 2843 that would allow property owners to shoot and kill undocumented immigrants who simply walk across their property.

    How do they know that someone walking on their property is an “undocumented immigrant” anyway?

    .1. They could be a…documented immigrant, perhaps a legal farm worker from Mexico.
    .2. They could be a US citizen, perhaps their neighbor looking for a stray cow or their dog.
    .3. They could be a lost boy scout on a hike.
    .4. They could be a backpacker who isn’t all that good at reading and following maps, especially the one they left at home.

    This bill doesn’t limit itself to large ranch owners on the Mexican border. It just says property owner and there is no way to tell if someone is an “illegal immigrant” or a legal citizen while you are looking down the barrel of your gun.

    There are millions of property owners in Arizona and most of them live in cities. If this bill becomes law, the suburbs of Arizona would become free fire zones and most of the dead people would be casual walkers who made a mistake and neighborhood children who weren’t careful enough.

    Walk up to the wrong house because you got the wrong address and bang, you are dead in someone’s front yard.
    Remind me not to go to Arizona.

  9. Alverant says

    @raven #10
    I’m sure skin color has something to do with it. Like that law allowing runaway slaves in free states to be deported back to their “owners”. People who were actually freed were enslaved because they weren’t seen as human. Same case here, suspicion is enough to justify killing provided the person doing the killing is white and the person who is killed isn’t.

    I wonder if that other law allows teachers to read from other religions like reciting the 5 pillars of Islam or the 11 Commandments of TST.

  10. numerobis says

    How do they know that someone walking on their property is an “undocumented immigrant” anyway?

    Easy. Hire the landscaping company, talk to the workers they send in, then blast away.

  11. numerobis says

    Although… I don’t see how this text maps to that description:

    It makes seemingly minimal changes to an existing stand-your-ground law. Used to require there to be a home, now it can be a campground (or maybe it can also be bare land, depends how the “or” and the commas are interpreted).

  12. numerobis says


    You won’t even let us call out Biden’s hypocrisies and short-comings for fear it will re-elect Trump and kill all the baby fairies in Neverland

    Um… he won’t? I seem to see it happen quite often on these threads, often by poopyhead himself even in his own post.

  13. says

    My biggest question on the Arizona thing is that if that law was written before it was a state, is it even enforcible?

  14. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 16

    I was speaking of Democrats in general. I know PZ has been quite critical of Brandon’s bullshit/ Hoever, each time, you’re sure to get the “VOTE BLUE NOT MATTER WHO” crowd swooping in to berate him for his blasphemy against St. Brandon the Two-Faced.

  15. anat says

    Look, the states that matter for the presidential election are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia. Maybe North Carolina. Maybe a few others. If you don’t live in either of them, try getting involved in get-out-the-vote efforts over there. (For instance, I write letters for ‘Vote Forward’.) There isn’t much else we can do.

  16. says

    I’m guessing that we will find out if it is enforceable. Plenty of forced-birthers are ready. I don’t care what the law is myself, I just keep asserting there is no right to force anyone to give birth or refrain from offering abortions services. Governments have powers and the government does not have that power either, and this phantom power is fetus-puppeteers asserting imaginary rights through government. Every forced-birther is subject to the same shaming.

    There’s no courage to even justify any of this religiously. I see them telling each other about versus related to god knowing who was who but that applies to miscarriages and abortions too and I remember a lot of stock getting placed on sin and choice. This is forcing religion through cooties. That’s not a verse that says you can force someone to give birth.

    Moral cowards and members of a mob. That’s it

  17. microraptor says

    The one good thing to keep in mind is that abortion has been a losing issue for Republicans every time it comes to the ballot box: even in Alabama a Democrat managed to win a special election by running on a platform of abortion rights. The more Republicans do this, the more pushback they’re going to get in November.

  18. muttpupdad says

    If they are going to post the ten suggestions they need to post both versions in the original Hebrew.

  19. birgerjohansson says

    From the article about harassing ALA:
    “ is fascist and it is unconstitutional”

    MAGA politician:”so, what’s your problem?”

  20. birgerjohansson says

    Their vision of the future would be a nation of Beavis and Butt-head clones. “Uuuh- I wonder if this fork fits in the electric outlet”.

  21. stuffin says

    All these Republican laws are great, I can’t wait until I live in a country where the laws require us to perform rituals based on ancient superstitions. Ah, the good old days when we threw babies into volcanoes to appease the gods.

  22. says

    I’ve got a potential response to the aversion to conceptual>fetus. In the moment rhetorically the can have baby. There is baby 0.1, 0.2… birth can be baby 1.0. And I still don’t give a shit about their feelings for baby 0.1-0.99. All of the same issues apply.
    Repeat for “child”.

  23. robro says

    Per Heather Cox Richardson this morning re the Arizona Supreme Court decision:

    The court explained: “A policy matter of this gravity must ultimately be resolved by our citizens through the legislature or the initiative process…. We defer, as we are constitutionally obligated to do, to the legislature’s judgment, which is accountable to, and thus reflects, the mutable will of our citizens.”

    The idea that abortion law must be controlled by state legislatures is in keeping with the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. But it’s an interesting spin to say that the new policy is protecting the will of the citizens.

    The Arizona law that will begin to be enforced in 14 days was written by a single man in 1864.

    So, the Arizona court decided not to decide and let a law go back into effect that was written 160 years ago by a single man.

    Furthermore, she goes on to point out that the law in question is more about men fighting, dueling and poisoning one another, and only as a sort of side note allows doctors to perform abortions to save a woman’s life during a miscarriage.

    At the time the law was “passed” Arizona was still a territory, and women and minorities could not vote.

  24. robro says

    The man in question was Judge William T. Howell who was commissioned by the territorial governor to rewrite Arizona laws after the territory’s split from New Mexico. “The Howell Code” covered everything, so the business about allowing doctors to treat women having miscarriages was a small part of The Code. Howell died in 1870.

  25. says

    We see this barbaric bullshit first hand every day.
    Repugnantcants in Scarizona are festering pustules. We are so tired of being besieged by barbarians.
    By pushing this destructive 1864 law, they are proving that the repugnantcant xtian terrorists are trying to push this shithole country further into the new dark ages.

    Xtian Terrorists destroyed what was left of the great Library at Alexandria. That is just the kind of thing these repugnantcant xtian terrorist imbeciles want to replicate. Libraries are essential to a healthy society (as if we still had a healthy society!). they are a repository of knowledge as well as entertainment. They offer the internet to those without the means to access it otherwise.

    Am I being too subtle?

  26. says

    p.s. Yes, everyone in our organization will be voting in November. But, we will be voting AGAINST the orange shitstain. But, we don’t want anyone to confuse our vote as an approval of biden. The corrupt, corporate, money driven duopoly system almost always gives us a choice limited to feces or excrement.

  27. Pierce R. Butler says

    … maybe we could smuggle mystery chemicals into their food via ketchup.

    Just add vaccines to all the other stuff in the chemtrail tanks!

  28. robro says

    …maybe we could smuggle mystery chemicals into their food via ketchup.

    Just add vaccines to all the other stuff in the chemtrail tanks!

    Or just introduce into their info channels the meme that vaccines are in everything, then see who gets really, really hungry. (Shades of Dr. Strangelove.)

  29. cheerfulcharlie says

    Modifying yeast to create pharmaceuticals is an old technique. And what else do we do with yeast? Make beer! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  30. wsierichs says

    The person who filed this piece of garbage represents Livingston Parish (county) and a bit of Baton Rouge, which is west of the parish. Livingston is one of the white flight areas of La., where a lot of white people moved after desegregation (slowly) got started in the 1960s. So it’s not surprising that so many people there are hostile to education and the welfare of the U.S., at the expense of their children, whose educations will be stunted.

  31. brucej says

    @15 numerobis

    The legislator who introduced the bill explicitly mentioned farm or ranch land, also cast it as a way of dealing twith the ‘illegal immigrant’ problem.

    Thankfully Katie Hobbs vetoed the thing.

    This yet another sign of the insanity and depravity of the GOP: They hold the state legislature by a single vote in the Senate, two in the House and their leadership acts like they have a veto-proof majority.

  32. StevoR says

    @33. shermanj : Yes. Work to change your system please.

    It needs to be one person 1 vote so no EC and allow third parties to be something other than spoilers so preferential voting or suchlike and remove voter suppression, gerrymandering etc .. Do I sound like a broken record on this? Yes I probly do but still. It matters.

  33. DanDare says

    @40 yep. Broken record here too. It helps being Australian and seeing preferential voting do its thing.

  34. says

    If lettuce has vaccines, does that mean that a Big Mac is unAmerican? It says right in the ad that it has “lettuce” to go along with two all-beef patties (carefully not specifying which parts — BSE anyone?), special sauce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame-seed bun.

    My tongue is only slightly in cheek. (And if it was a cow’s tongue, it would only slightly be in your Big Mac.)

  35. S maltophilia says

    I’m looking forward to teacher’s explanation of adultery and the coveting of wives.

  36. stochastic says

    I wonder if the Arizona SC is also going to allow some of the other laws that same 1864 legislature passed.

    Such as girls can consent to sex once they are 10 years old.


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