My plan for when the alpha males take over: sell spiders

You know how the secret to getting rich in a gold rush is to sell shovels? Well, I’m going to be ready when this alpha male plan takes off.

I am going to have to ramp up production by a lot.


  1. robro says

    christoph @ #4 — It might be interesting to know how many “alpha males” take him seriously.

  2. robro says

    Eating spiders doesn’t seem all that nutritious but locusts have been on the menu in parts of the world for a long time. I’ve heard there are expectations of swarms this year, or soon, so maybe eat a lot of grasshoppers, and save crops at the same time.

  3. JimB says

    robro @8 I don’t know man. I googled “how do they eat spiders around the world”.

    Looks like spiders are a snack or a delicacy. Insects are more a staple I guess…

  4. bcw bcw says

    @10 yup, PZ, you’re going to have to switch to spiders with more meat in their torsos. It can also be a reason to demand more lab space and a big electrified fence like in Jurassic Park.

  5. robro says

    JimB @ #9 I didn’t say spiders weren’t eaten, just not very nutritious. Locust on the other hand…now that’s something you can sink your teeth into.

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