iNaturalist has been observing me

iNaturalist does this thing where they’ll give you a graphical summary of your contributions in the past year. Here’s mine.

See all the orange? That’s what they use to color-code arachnid observations. I might have a little bit of a bias there, and I have no idea how any birds and mammals crept in there, and I’m afraid plants don’t exist in my universe. Still, despite my narrow focus, I spotted 68 species this year. That’s not at all impressive. Can you name 68 species? Apparently, I can, and I’ve even photographed them.

I’ve been terrible at contributing identifications, that is, helping others by identifying what’s in their photos. I should aspire to do better at that next year.

Maybe I can strive to look at something other than spiders in the coming year, too, although that might be difficult, since they’re not as interesting.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Obviously, PZ has entirely refrained from The War effort and refused to invent the bazookanuke.

    Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…
    Sung in an empty villa as we moved.

    Small discoveries are discoveries, some eventually reach major discovery status, all are foundational.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    …for instance, in my childhood my family used to bring a thermos and sit out on top of a riverside rock.
    Later, it was discovered some of the grooves in the rock formed pictographs from the bronze/late neolithic age.
    I must have looked straight at them many times.. Thus, I am indeed a spotter of prehistoric artifacts!

  3. nomdeplume says

    Don’t fret PZ, 68 seems pretty good to me. I presume this is actual species name identification, rather than just, say, “three different grasshoppers”? Think I would have teouble getting to 68, and I have the advantage of a lot of known bird species, say 30, plus perhaps a total of 20 mammals, reptiles and frogs. A lot of invertebrates, but apart from a few of the spiders I don’t know species names.

  4. DanDare says

    I found a beautiful jumping spider on my car yesterday. Shiny green with white eyebrows above its eye regions.
    Black face and underside.
    About 15mm long. Easily jumped about 45cm at a time

  5. John Harshman says

    Oddly enough, my total is dominated by birds. Go figure. (But I do have plenty of insects, and even quite a few plants. Not many spiders, but some.)

  6. birgerjohansson says

    John Harshman @ 7
    Ah, you are channeling Android 16 of Dragon Ball Z, (the fan-based abridged version).

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