The day is ruined

I got up at 4:30am, went straight to work and hammered out the exam & exam key for my students, and prepped my lecture for today. I was on fire, gettin’ stuff done, and then I made coffee and decided to whip up a breakfast burrito, as one does.

I am out of hot sauce.

What is the point of our existence anyway? Nothing matters. We come from the void, we go into the void. Why did I get out of bed? Why am I here? There is nothingness all around me.


  1. nomaduk says

    Life without breakfast hot sauce and the accompanying fiery-mouth hot coffee is not worth living.

  2. Pierre Le Fou says

    At least you got the coffee. For me the True Tragedy Of The Ages is when I don’t have milk or sugar for the morning cup. Or when I’m outright out of coffee.

  3. shelldigger says

    Ahhh, I remember once, when I almost destroyed the world, because we were out of brown sugar…

    Really glad I didn’t have the the “nuke everything button” that day.

  4. stuffin says

    Tabasco Sauce for me. Put that stuff on a lot of things. When in the USMC in the 1970s had to have a bottle of the in your backpack. Needed it to flavor the sea rations you were served. Been addicted ever since.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Rare is the occasion that I can tolerate hot sauce. That doesn’t mean I don’t use it, I infrequently do, but damage from decades of reflux make that exercise one of extreme discomfort.
    Still, even rarer is my running out of an important staple ingredient for my meals, be it something like eggs or hot sauce, as before I come close to exhausting my supply, I add it to my shopping list.
    Food is important, so I keep everything that I need onhand. With two shelves full of staples, a linen closet also filled with staples, a full freezer and the fridge has quite a bit in it as well. If I was snowed in, the only things I’d need is eggs. I can make bread and since I’m out of powdered eggs, that’s the only item that I can’t reconstitute off the shelf (I’ve enough powdered milk to make around 5 gallons).
    I did think I was out of hot sauce once, was thinking I’d have to rough it by using chili peppers, the noticed that I’d put the open bottle in the fridge.

    I’m currently preparing to walk the two miles to the store, need milk and booze. I’ll not walk that distance just for booze, I will for food. While I’m out, I’ll pick up some cancer sticks. Isn’t supposed to start raining until around 13:00.
    Oh wait, I am out of one ingredient, curry leaves. That’ll be a special trip across town. That’ll wait for a bit, as my fridge is full of leftovers, including some turkey stew I made last night for dinner (two quarts left over after giving a neighbor some). Oops, just remembered what else I’ve exhausted, out of soy sauce, as I loaned it to a neighbor and never saw it again.
    Some people seem to have difficulty with the concept of loaned items…

  6. cgilder says

    Costco sells Cholula (our preferred brand too) in two-packs of the big bottles. 4 of the 5 of us will happily drown everything in it, so the tiny bottles the grocery store sells are perpetually on the verge of empty. Too stressful! (My 14y/o also made a breakfast burrito this morning!)

  7. anxionnat says

    For you it was breakfast, but for me it was grad school. Back in the day, graduate programs were sometimes into hard-selling to favored students. One dept flew me from Calif to a small midwestern town. Great program, good people, etc, but a quick turn around the town showed that my undergrad advisor had spoken the truth: none of my native food available. (He was from LA, and had had his first faculty job there. He’d left after 3 years because his mom had to send him weekly care packages with tortillas, salsa, yadda. He relocated back to Calif as soon as a job came open.) Language will do it too: those midwesterners and I sometimes stared at each other in incomprehension. Southern Calif informal Spanglish (even when spoken by white people) can be pretty impenetrable to non-natives. So I looked like those nice midwesterners, but I didn’t speak or eat or otherwise act like them. So the grad program was a hard nope. I went to grad school in Calif. At the time, I spoke 5 languages fluently but couldn’t even communicate with natives of my own country.

  8. ricko says

    What? How could you be out? We could give you some, but it’s harder to get to Wauwatosa (WI) than it is to go to the store.

  9. Dunc says

    Who the fuck gets up at 4:30? What the hell is wrong with you that you’re even considering getting up at such an hour?

  10. hemidactylus says

    Not to sauce shame you but that doesn’t seem very hot. I haven’t been using hot sauce for breakfast though as I eat oatmeal, banana, apple, and V8.

    Weird thing is I can go pretty spicy (though no insane ghost or scorpion level for me) without heartburn yet pepperoni on pizza tears me up.

    I can relate to running out of hot sauce. Not a good space to be in.

    I typically get up between 4-4:30am and don’t work until 8am. Love drinking coffee, reading, and not being in a hurry.

  11. ANB says

    As one who uses hot sauce that’s at least 50X hotter than most use, I find it difficult to get what I want, so I keep a bottle in my car, a couple in the house, one in my partner’s vehicle, and I still have several stored at home from the last order I got from the supermarket. (They don’t carry it, but I can buy it online from them and they deliver it free to my home).

    Always have backup!

  12. hemidactylus says

    ANB @25

    According to its manufacturers, Cholula hot sauce rates 1,000–2,000 on the Scoville scale[2] though other sources measure it as being over three times as hot, at 3,600 Scoville units.

    Habanero chilis are very hot, rated 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale

    I fall between the two on the higher part of the range. Usually I can find something in the Caribbean section of Publix. But they seem afraid of litigation. ABC liquor stores carry the Dave’s Insanity and other such nonsense. I have ruined meals with more than a dab of cray cray higher end Scoville stuff. Nope!

    When the fact your meal is higher than room temperature makes it hurt more things went too far IMO.

  13. ajbjasus says

    Somebody just gave me a bottle of Australian hot sauce called funnel web.

    Seems appropriate

  14. DanDare says

    In Oz we have a make of hot sauce called Chillie Willi. They have variations with names like Aussie Backburner and Blurter Hurter.
    I biy it in one dozen batches just to be sure of hot sauce security.

  15. brightmoon says

    Hottest food I’ll ever get is the commercially prepared jerk sauce and I get the mild . I’ve got some West Indian ancestry but I didn’t inherit that asbestos tongue. Can barely deal with black pepper ! I don’t use hot sauce at all, even the Red Devil or Trappeys ( grandma used to eat it)

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