Project Veritas wins the prize for greatest misnomer

James O’Keefe is the sleaziest conservative operator ever. His organization hired a woman to lie and pretend to have been in a sexual relationship with Roy Moore when she was 15 in a failed attempt to sting the Washington Post. They failed because the newspaper did what journalists are supposed to do: they checked her story out.

In the course of standard background research—with which O’Keefe and his organization are, apparently, unfamiliar—reporters discovered holes in Phillips’ story. The company she had named as her employer had no record of her, she had a cell phone number with an Alabama area code despite saying she had last lived there in 1992, and a GoFundMe page published in May under her name had asked friends for money so that she could move to New York “to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM.”

When confronted by Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen about the GoFundMe page and other inconsistencies in her story—an exchange that was recorded on video—Phillips stated that she had previously attempted to work for conservative website The Daily Caller and that she was not working for any conservative organizations with the intent of sabotaging the paper. Phillips, who then left the meeting, was spotted entering the Westchester offices of Project Veritas on Monday, where O’Keefe refused to say whether she was employed at the non-profit, which purports to “investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct.”

It purports to investigate those things using “corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct”. All delivered with maximum incompetence, which O’Keefe has demonstrated in every one of his little projects. Everyone associated with him has emerged covered in slime, but the Republicans keep supporting him. Even Donald Trump donated to “Veritas”, but then, he’s a bumbling slime monster himself.

By the way, I should mention that O’Keefe also dragged down a University of Minnesota Morris alumnus, Joe Basel, who I bumped into a few times, and who was involved with O’Keefe’s break-in to Mary Landrieu’s office.

Another was Mr. Basel, 24, the co-founder of a conservative publication at the University of Minnesota, Morris, that features headlines like “Third World Countries Need Sweatshops” and “I Hate Che Guevara T-Shirts.”

Our conservative alternative paper has long been a source of embarrassment here.

But the most despicable thing about this latest example is that it was an attempt to smear the women who have stepped forward to honestly accuse Roy Moore — it’s a blatant effort to silence and harm victims of sexual abuse. For shame.

There is no shame if you’re a Republican, though. For his repulsive bungling, O’Keefe gets paid $317,000 per year.

Joe Basel has gone on to be a conservative political consultant in Texas, and is running an organization called the American Phoenix Foundation, which includes an “Investigative Journalism program” and a “Journalism Training program”. There are never any prices to be paid for being a bumbling conservative criminal and professional douchebag.

Look at O’Keefe stonewalling when asked a few questions about his attempted hoax.

More pictures!

I’ll stop soon, but how could I not show mother and baby?

동장군의 기승같이 세상에왔구나 난 천군만마를 얻었다 제일 용감하고 강한 흰말타고 끈임없이 달리는 너의꿈처럼.세상의 필요한 큰사람이되어라 바다의 거친파도 너의앞에서 잠재울수 있는 지혜와 용기를 가져라.사랑해

And the kid is so darn adorable.

Except…that young man has stolen my wife away. Grandma is leaving me tomorrow to fly off to New York state and spend 3 weeks with him, and without me.

How much longer must we suffer under this buffoon?

Trump, supposedly honoring Indian military service, can’t help taking a racist snipe at Elizabeth Warren.

Trump, while remarking on the age and achievements of some of the veterans, known as code talkers, took the chance to mock the Massachusetts Democrat.

You were here long before any of us were here, Trump said at the White House. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas.

You’d think this would be one kind of event where our president could show a little dignity and respect — but he doesn’t have a drop of either in him.

Holy nepotism!

Any financial types out there who like browsing through 990 tax forms? I don’t understand this stuff at all, but I’ve been sent the publicly available stuff for Ken Ham’s organizations: the 2015 AiG 990 and 2015 Crosswater Canyon 990. It’s all fairly mundane. All I learned was that AiG’s total revenues went up by about a million dollars over the previous year, to about $22.5 million, that the Creation “Museum” is losing money, and that Ham employs 8 relatives on his staff. Nice racket.

I don’t see anything otherwise dodgy in the report, but then I wouldn’t. Anything jumping out at you tax wizards?

Support professional journalism, they said

It’s more important than ever, they said. We need to subscribe to the staid, sober journalistic outlets to counter the flow of crap, they said. We’ve got to keep the flow of information going — an informed citizenry is the heart of a democracy.

So I’ve gone back and forth on whether I ought to subscribe to the New York Times. It certainly is professional journalism, but I’m still bitter about their weasely “he said, she said” coverage of creationism from ten years ago, and their dishonest backing of the Iraq War through their lying reporter, Judith Miller, and their utterly execrable opinion pages — Friedman? Brooks? Christ.

And then I think about how Donald Trump hates them, which is certainly a point in their favor. And that they do publish some excellent work — Carl Zimmer, for instance. And that yeah, good journalism costs money, and I ought to contribute, not to the corporate edifice that is the NY Times, but to the principle that we ought to support a healthy journalist class for the good of the country.

And then they go and publish yet another of those shitty pieces that seeks to normalize evil, and I say fuck the New York Times. I will not support a rag that is used to polish the status quo.

The piece in question is “In America’s Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door”. They’ve moved from banal stories about “Undecided Voter Weighs in on Crap They Don’t Understand” to “Gosh, Trump Voters Are Just Economically Distressed and Not Racist At All” to now, “Nazis Eat at Applebee’s and Go Grocery Shopping, Like You.” It was a story so vapid that the author, Richard Fausset, felt compelled to write another article that basically consists of him shrugging and saying, “I don’t know what the point was”…and the NY Times published that, too.

Honestly, I already knew that Nazis are human beings — horrible, awful, nasty human beings — who eat food and poop and have two arms and no horns and speak words. It’s not as if there is some widespread delusion that fascists are actually demons with wings and horns that needed to be dispelled — that’s the kind of nonsense the Nazis spread about The Jews.

If you want to learn more about the subject of that high profile piece in the big name newspaper, Tony Hovater, do not bother reading the NY Times. There is no depth or insight to it at all. Instead, just listen to Hovater’s wretched podcast on a site called Radio Aryan. Or you could just stop there and note that he’s a ranter on a site called Radio Fucking Aryan, and go no further — you’ve already learned enough.

If you do listen in, though, be prepared to hear a couple of chuckling thugs go on and on about Christian values, those degenerate “trannies”, immigrants and how they hate ’em, Hitler — misunderstood hero, the Holohoax, and The Jew, The Jew, The Jew.

Yes, New York Times, I know there are Nazis next door. You got the emphasis wrong. You completely missed the point. There are a couple of ways you can handle that phrase.

  1. There are Nazis next door…they have a nice little house in the suburbs and a wedding registry at Target and oh, what lovely shrubbery.

  2. There are NAZIS next door…and they’re promoting a hateful ideology that wants to exterminate their neighbors, and they worship a murderous megalomaniac who tore up the planet with a world war about 80 years ago.

The New York Times chose Door #1. Fuck ’em. Not a penny from me.

Our president is a certifiable madman

The other day, he tweeted something from a site called MAGAPILL, because they’d posted something praising him for his ‘accomplishments’. Here’s what else MAGAPILL endorses.

It’s an astonishing expression of paranoid insanity. You can get lost in all the bizarre details.

We’re using HAARP, DEWs, and satellite lasers to control the weather. GMO crops are agents of control. Lone gunmen are false flags to encourage gun control.

We have off-planet secret space programs. CERN is somehow tied to 666? Bilderbergers, Knights Templar, and Luciferian Rituals. George Soros. What is it with George Soros? I don’t know anything about Soros. To me, he’s an old guy with an undeservedly large fortune, just like all the other rich fucks, nothing more. That he sometimes endorses progressive causes doesn’t seem to warrant the foaming-at-the-mouth hatred he gets.

I’m also bewildered by the fondness of MRAs and Nazis for an old Keanu Reeves movie. Why all the Matrix allusions? It’s really strange that the fascists of today saw a movie by Lilly and Lana Wachowski and decided that yes, that was the uniform for their movements.

Everything about these guys, Donald Trump included, simply screams warped and dangerously demented perception of reality. And they’re running the country? Goddamn.

If you really want to zoom in on that mess, here’s a link.

On tenterhooks

There will be no further blogging until this state of uncomfortable tension breaks.

Tenterhooks, by the way, are hooks attached to wooden frames used to stretch woolen or linen cloth while drying. I’m pretty sure they’re also used to torture cenobites.

Will explain later.