1. Athywren - This Thing Is Just A Thing says

    I seriously considered getting my brother, who is a dad, a drone this year. I’m a little worried by how close I came to turning him into a stereotype.
    I got him a dvd and a book instead – much less predictable!

  2. carlie says

    1. Spouse got Child 1 a nanodrone. It’s about 3 inches across.

    2. My brothers got my dad a drone. (the “usual” size, on the smallish side).


  3. robro says

    It’s enough of stereotype that the last panel of yesterday’s Zits comic strip showed dad sitting in his pajamas flying his Christmas drone. However, I’m a dad and I did not get a drone for Christmas.

  4. Die Anyway says

    I’ve tried to think of any valid reason I might have for acquiring such a toy. The only thing I could think of was equipping it with some sort of release clip and using it to carry my bait out from the beach to a point much farther than I could cast. Spying on my neighbor’s swimming pools seems a bit gauche.

  5. blf says

    These whirly wingy thingys are sort of “meh” to the mildly deranged penguin, who prefers the organic version: A nice whopping huge trebuchet launching a yeowing kitty. It does take a bit more practice, at least to aim, and the ammo isn’t always cooperative (and you shouldn’t really nail it down (the usual solution) as that rather defeats the purpose), but you don’t have to worry about batteries or broken propellers. There is an art to skipping the kitty across the bay / lake… albeit it isn’t yet an Olympics sport.

    (No cats were harmed in the testing of this comment. However, the horse is not amused. The nuts will release a statement later.)

  6. Anri says

    Does it count if I’m an uncle, rather than a father, and didn’t receive, but gave drones to my nieces?

    …I’m getting myself a larger one after the new year.